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Wellness Program Ideas That Your Employees Will love!

More organisations are starting to realise the benefits of implementing a wellness program within their organisation. It is a challenge to keep employees motivated, happy and productive, however successful wellness programs have shown that employees can thrive if they embrace the wellness program that is provided for them.

Here are some ideas that you can implement in your organisation.

Employee participating in marathon

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Provide 50% reimbursement for any races that your employees participate in

Your employees might do running or biking races in their spare time. To motivate them and others in your organisation, offer to reimburse them for any competitions that they plan to participate in.

The more competitions they participate in, the more training they will do and the more healthier they will be.

Invest in an onsite wellness centre

This could be the most cost-efficient investment that you make for your organisation. Rather than pay for each employee’s memberships to gyms and external wellness centres, you can invest in developing a private health centre for your employees. Employees can have exclusive access to commercial gym equipment and a relaxation area.

Costs to set this up can be as little as $10,000, but it will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

Healthy business cafeteria

Free healthy food

Your organisation can hire a cook to provide food for the staff in your organisation. Google provides this service by having a complete kitchen that provides food for all of its employees. However, you could simply hire a single cook that can prepare your meals for your team.

Provide showers for commuters who run or bike to your office

One of the major deterrents for people exercising before work is that they will arrive at the office looking sweaty and unprofessional. This can easily be avoided if there are bathing facilities at the office. See if you can lease an office space that includes showers or even see if you can have one installed.


Provide employees with a budget to create their perfect working space

The average employee will spend 50% of their life at their workplace. Many employees feel like they should have access to a better setup so they feel motivated to come into work and have a productive day. What often happens is that they feel that their workstation isn’t as equipped as it should be. So an easy way to overcome this is by giving the employee the purchasing power to create their perfect workstation. This includes their choice of office chairs, desks, computers gadgets, pens, desk location and more.

Free personal training sessions

Many employees struggle to improve their fitness goals because they need the help of a trainer. The thing is, trainers come at a cost that most employees cannot afford.

Instead, organizations can offer to cover the costs of personal trainers so that employees can achieve their fitness goals. The cost of a personal trainer might be $100 a week, which is approximately $5000 a year.

Insurance agent

Provide employees with private health insurance

Give your employees better peace of mind by providing them with private health insurance. Many insurers also provide wellness incentives, which is perfect for smaller organisations. Try to offer insurance that also includes dental and full medical.

Provide a fun space for employees

Employees thrive when they feel like they are getting paid to have fun. Find out what your employees enjoy and provide it in a ‘fun space’. This could mean investing in a gaming console, pool table, library or gaming boards.

These are just a few ideas that can easily be implemented into your organisation for a small cost, but it will yield big rewards. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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