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4 Office Design Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity

You may be wondering why you would want to spend so much time designing the interior of your office. Although it was the norm just a few years ago to… Read more »

5 Office Improvements to Boost Happiness and Productivity

Where you work is just as important as the type of job you do. No matter how much anyone loves their job, put them in a poorly designed space and… Read more »

5 Great Ways to Revamp Your Office Space

Boring walls, sad ambience, bad atmosphere – does this ring any bells? Many office spaces today are functional but not motivating enough for workers to realize their full potential or… Read more »

Setting Up a Perfect Office: 5 Important Things We Forget About

Think for a moment about your everyday life at the workplace. Do you usually feel inspired and energized or bored with the dull office environment? Along with the changing demands… Read more »

How Smart Office Design Can Benefit Your Business

Businesses today are looking forward to embrace the new standards of a more productive and interconnected workforce. This trend is evident in creating the so-called ‘smart offices’ or responsive workplace.… Read more »

5 Inspiring Ways to Create a More Productive and Creative Workforce

Getting the most out of your employees is not only about the candidates you choose to hire. Although choosing efficient staff is certainly contributory, there are many other business and… Read more »

Taking Comfort and Style into Account for Your New Office Design

No matter what role you play at the office, you are affected by the environment. Unless you are a CEO or an office manager, you may not have much say… Read more »

Office Furnishings: Perception is Reality

If pictures can tell a thousand words, then the furnishings in and around your office can narrate your brand’s story. In a world where impressions are everything, office furnishings play… Read more »

Elegant Storage: How to Declutter and Add More Class to Your Office

You’re finding it hard to get any work done in your office. Papers are everywhere. You don’t have a good bookshelf, and your clunky filing cabinet looks a little dated.… Read more »

Top Four Inspirational Offices

It can be difficult to stay creative and fresh throughout the 9-5 working week. While early starts, commutes and boring lunches don’t do much to keep you on top of… Read more »
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