A hedge fund refers to an investment fund that’s used to pool capital from novice investors. The funds are then channeled to a variety of assets that have a complex portfolio and risk management strategies.

An investment management firm administers a hedge fund. It is often designed as a limited liability firm or a vehicle. Generally, hedge funds are unique from mutual funds. They are regarded as an alternative investment.

As such, hedge funds are accessible to particular investors. It can’t be offered to the public since they avoid regulatory oversight and licensing.

Securing hedge fund firm IT systems

Private equity refers to an alternative investment that comprises of capital that hasn’t been listed on any public exchange. It’s composed of funds as well as investors that directly put their resources in various private companies. Others may engage in company buyouts.


The two forms of investment need cybersecurity servicing. Agio Cybersecurity is a managed IT as well as cybersecurity provider that serves the financial services and health care sectors. The company boasts of having extensive experience in supporting alternative investment space and firms specializing in hedge funds, asset management, and private equity.

Agio and their hedge fund cybersecurity systems provide technology hosting, management, disaster prevention, in addition to recovery. The firm also offers managed security and cybersecurity programs. With more than 200 workers, Agio Cybersecurity implements programs that include maturity assessment designed to assess a fund’s posture.


Thereafter, a report based on the findings is delivered to the fund managers that will highlight risk areas recognized during the security assessment. The team will provide recommendations for mitigating risks through the application of technology.

Cybersecurity specialist on the job

Enhancement policies will also be considered. Agio Cybersecurity leverages its custom monitoring application to track client environment and provide them with complete visibility. Customers prefer this option.

The firm has proven itself when it comes to leveraging more sophisticated management from the user’s infrastructure. As such, the cornerstone of the business is security management. The engineers are devoted to remediating client environment and working closely with internal resources to offer top-notch hedge fund security.

Security Provision

A firm’s data is an added competitive advantage. Therefore, Agio Cybersecurity protects this information in order to enhance performance. The company also ensures availability and data protection from cyber attacks. The management offers full monitoring services and agnostic technology as well as development.

When it comes to providing cybersecurity to hedge funds, Agio’s services are such as low-level blocking for a team to tackle meaningful work and complete infrastructure management. By using the hybrid IT business model, Agio Cybersecurity is devoted to enhancing world-class security systems in hedge funds and private equity.