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Top Five Things to Consider when Choosing to Start a Cleaning Business

In an uncertain economic environment where finding a job, much less a career, can be both strenuous and stressful – many smart and savvy working professionals are yearning for the opportunity to be their own boss. While opening a small business can have tremendous personal and financial rewards, it is often viewed as a risky endeavor based on the liability assumed by individual ownership. However, The commercial cleaning industry presents the perfect solution; an opportunity to own and operate your own franchise, be your own boss, and excel in a recession-proof industry with little to no specialized experience or education necessary.

Find a company that has the experience and expertise needed to help you start a cleaning business, but before you get started there are a few important things to consider.

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1. Is this the right business for me?

Commercial cleaning services are a $100 billion dollar industry projected to grow by more than 5% in the next three years alone. Owning a franchise that is part of a great structured franchisor program is a great way to stay profitable in a time of economic uncertainty; with low overheads, consistent demand, and high opportunities for growth.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a professional cleaning specialist will be the fastest growing occupation in the next ten years, reaffirming the potential expansion of the industry and related professions.

2. Franchise management vs. independent ownership?

Owning an independent commercial cleaning company like Ideal Cleaning Services Limited and owning an established franchise are both viable ways to start a cleaning business; however franchise ownership offers considerable advantages that help foster long-term success. Franchise owners benefit from the company’s reputation and reliability, along with their growing base of satisfied customers.

Many of the best franchisors support franchisees by offering operational training, business development coaching, marketing support, technical support, and industry/technology trend information all without having to take on the high collateral and liability associated with independent ownership.

3. Residential vs. Commercial cleaning services?

When choosing to start a cleaning business, the two most common choices are residential or commercial cleaning services. Both have key advantages; residential cleaning is usually less expensive to start, but commercial cleaning has a greater opportunity for profit and success. Owning and managing a franchise allows you to bypass the high start-up costs of creating a business from scratch while reaping the benefits of operating behind a well-established brand with solid industry connections.

The commercial sector includes large-scale projects, janitorial cleaning, and a much wider range of cleaning services than the consumer sector, making it an advantageous alternative for those looking to start a cleaning business.

4. Who is the target market?

While the potential benefits of commercial cleaning services are unrivaled, the task of securing customers within this market may seem daunting to those first getting started. Good franchisors will be there to help with a foundation built upon a history of top-level service. Owning a franchise under an established brand opens your business to a network of industry partners who trust and rely on the continued professionalism of franchisees.

Office buildings, retail stores, healthcare facilities, stadiums, and manufacturing plants are all great examples of commercial businesses included in your potential target market.

5. What services will be provided?

There are a variety of services that commercial cleaning businesses provide and it is important to decide which areas to focus on before getting started. Floor care services, such as carpet cleaning, are exceedingly popular for commercial clients as well as exterior services such as window washing. Many franchisees specialize in scheduled maintenance cleaning for their regular customers as well. Solidifying your area of expertise will allow you to gain greater clout in the industry and further establish your brand image as a highly regarded franchise owner.

You don’t have to be an expert – an understanding of these five aspects combined with an entrepreneurial drive and dedication to success are all that’s required to start a cleaning business.

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