Personal Finance

Personal Finance

How to Save Money When Buying a Vehicle

It is no secret that buying a vehicle can be an extremely expensive process. Not only do you have to actually physically purchase the vehicle, you always have to think… Read more »
Personal Finance

8 Considerations Before Buying Mediclaim Health Insurance for Parents

Nobody else in this world can take up your parent’s place. They strive hard to bring you up and give you a healthy and prosperous life. But when they cross… Read more »
Personal Finance

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Business Loans

If you’re planning to start a business, you’ll obviously have to face a lot of hurdles. One of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to clear is to get funding for… Read more »
Personal Finance

Overview of the Benefits of Physician Banks

Physician mortgage loans are primarily home loans or mortgage loans offered to medical professionals who need to purchase their own house. Training for any of the medical fields is all-consuming… Read more »

Rusty Tweed on the Basics of Effective Budgeting

Managing your personal finances is one of the most important keys to success. When people neglect their financial lives, they are likely to make mistakes that can damage their credit… Read more »

Beware of These 4 Common Social Security Scams

Your social security number is a major target for scammers, and they will devise all sorts of tricks to get it from you. Once they get it, they can use… Read more »

Financing a Second Home: What You Need to Do to Get a Loan

Buying a second home can be a dream come true for many people. It may be a home to use on the weekends or one in a different area of… Read more »
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Is the Collapse of Wonga a Good Thing?

Household debt in the UK is increasing and high-cost credit is a serious issue. A report in The Guardian last year showed that household debt has increased by 7 per… Read more »
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Can You Write Off Council Tax Debt in the UK?

Not very many people will be familiar with the term council tax. Now, you might be asking what is council tax; it’s a tax imposed on certain properties, especially dwellings.… Read more »
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5 Ways to FLATTEN you Debt Mountain

Working on clearing your name of debt can certainly feel as if you are climbing Mount Everest. Fortunately, that is just a flawed perspective. Your debt mountain may be easier… Read more »