Personal Finance

Personal Finance

6 Financial Habits to Start in Your 20s

Your 20s will definitely be the time where you need to cultivate good habits so that you can mold your character for the better. This will be the time to… Read more »
Personal Finance

The (Evil) Payday Loan: How to Use Them Responsibly?

Payday loans aren’t evil, but they do have this reputation for a very good reason. That reason is that the “reasons” people use them are rarely justified. After all, one… Read more »

How to Get More Luxury for Every Buck You Spend (Infographic)

If you think you cannot afford certain luxuries in life, you are mistaken. You only have to be more careful in your spending and you will be astonished to know… Read more »

What is The Difference Between Investing and Trading?

The financial markets are a hive of activity where profits stand to be made every second of every day. When you enter the financial markets with the intention of generating… Read more »
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5 Benefits of Taking a Short-Term Loan

When the times comes for you to apply for that loan to either boost your business or for some sudden emergencies you need to choose wisely in either going for… Read more »
Personal Finance

Making The Most of Your Income as a Student

If you’re one of the many students who are self-employed, you deserve a round of applause. While it’s certainly easier freelancing these days than ever before, balancing it with your… Read more »
Personal Finance

8 Tips to Stress-Free Purchase of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Often it boggles our minds why insurance companies are least bothered about offering health coverage to senior citizen. Logically, at this point of time, people need more health attention and… Read more »

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Credit Counseling Agency

A reliable credit counseling company will help you to manage your debt and money. They achieve this by coming up with a budget and give you a few tips to… Read more »

Two Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make When Getting a Home

Buying a home is not just all about the money. There are so many things to think about and steps to take. Considering the amount of finance involved, the wrong… Read more »
Personal Finance

Why Invest your Capital: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing

Start now with small sacrifices and you will reap the benefits in the long run That’s the key in investing for personal wealth building. The idea is to ‘trick’ yourself… Read more »