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Business applications play important roles today, mainly helping your small business runs more effectively and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and profits alike. The problem is, there are literally thousands of business apps to choose from. Purchasing dozens of apps for the sake of trial-and-error is not the right way to do – it’s costly and counter-productive.

We have a solution for you.

What we have here is a directory of more than 4,000 small business apps, ranging from online collaboration tools to cloud-based productivity tools – all you can try out for free. Just choose the apps that you think will fit your small business needs, sign-up, and off you go – you can try things out for free, no strings attached!

VC Firms for Startups Comparison Tool

One of the most important issues in starting up is how to fund your startup. There are several options you can take, ranging from small business loans to venture capital, but probably the best form of startup funding is venture capital (VC).

VC Firms can offer you more than just business funding – they can help mentoring you, as well as introducing you to a network of partners. You can also get strategic guidance, including preparing your startup’s exit strategy.

With that being said, to help you out in your search for the right VC firms, here are some resources that can help you in building a list of VC firms to pitch your business plan to.

Learning resources

As a small business owners – either online or offline – what you need to do to tap the pulse of your industry is by getting the latest updates. Magazines and white papers can give you insights on what’s going on industry-wise or niche wise, as they contain research reports and analysis, including updates not found in other types of publication.

Quality business resources are typically requiring you to purchase or subscribe for a monthly or yearly fee. Magazines are typically subscription-based, while white papers offering deep industry analysis and reviews typically charge you to gain access. Before you spend money on anything, there is actually an alternative you can consider – how about free business resources?

The free versions of premium publications and white papers are typically offering you introductory access or preview. On their own, they are offering extremely valuable insights on particular topics and industries. And yes, some of the resources are offered in full version, free of charge.

Check out the following free business resources to access everything – full version, introductory access and preview of magazines and white papers. Just click on the resources you are interested in, and you can access it immediately.

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