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Our service: How it works

We are offering content marketing service.

Here’s how it works:

1. We publish your article

We take your article, edit it, properly format it, adding relevant images, videos and/or slides to offer more value to our readers, and publish the article.

2. We promote your published article

We take your published article and your brand and present them to our social media channels (we have official channels in major social media network: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,) premium influencer networks and premium blog syndication services.

General guidelines

Note: We update our guidelines from time to time without further notice. Please check this page on a regular basis to see whether you articles meet the guidelines. Last update: January 31st, 2023.

Here are the rules to follow in getting your article published and promoted:

  1. Please follow Google’s content quality guidelines.
  2. Unique, quality, and exclusive articles: 600-word minimum, unique and high-quality article that shall never be published elsewhere. We will not normally accept article talking in general about a business issue – we are eager for articles that can give readers insights and takeaways about a particular topic – highly opinionated, even slight controversial articles that spark interest are most welcome!
  3. Write for our readers, not search engines: We do understand the value of content for search engine ranking, but providing our readers with useful content is mandatory. Our number one priority is our readers, not search engines. We rave about great content and frown upon bad, SEO-purposed content (and yes, we reject such articles.)
  4. Get involved: We will promote your article, but we also expect you to do the same. Be sure to share yours on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Also, please reply to comments posted on your articles.
  5. Responsible linking: We do encourage you to share useful links with our readers – you may also have self-serving links depending on the option you choose below. However, we are against linking out to questionable websites; we also against linking out to too many self-serving links.

To get started, we have several options to offer you:

1. Guest article

We are only accepting guest article written by reputable business owners, top executives, and industry leaders. This is a requirement: Your article must be sent via your company email address. This is a win-win collaboration: We aim to improve our brand with the help of your reputation and insights, while, in return, we will help promoting your brand/product/cause.

If you are representing an agency or a freelance writer, please choose option #2 below.

In addition to our general rules, your article should not be promotional/commercial.

In exchange for your quality article, we offer you an author “resource box” in which you can use to let our readers know your bio. In addition, you may have 1 self-serving link on the author bio. You may link out to other websites, as long as they are authority ones, such as Wikipedia, Business Insider,, and many others. In fact, we encourage you to link out to such sites to give more authority to your article and your link.

On a case-by-case basis, we may waive the social media marketing fees in exchange for having a reputable author/entrepreneur “endorse” the article.

2. Commercial/advertorial/review/sponsored article

If you are a writer or an agency submitting articles on behalf of your clients or for your self-promotional effort, we will categorize your article to be commercial, advertorial or sponsored.

Our requirement would be similar to the guest article, except we offer more perks for commercial/advertorial articles: Instead of 1 self-serving link on Author Bio section, you may have up to 2 self-serving links that can be embedded in article body and/or Author Bio section. You can also link out to more links, provided they are to authority sites. We prefer for this article to be in press release style (but unlike press releases, we require the article to be unique.) We also expect the article to be useful and informational.

There will be fees related to publishing your sponsored/advertorial/commercial blog posts. Please note, the fee is NOT for selling links purpose – as mentioned above, we are using rel=”nofollow” on your self-serving link; the fee is for the above-mentioned content marketing services.

For pricing options and other general inquiries regarding the article publishing and marketing, please contact us: [email protected].

Please note that we reserve the rights to refuse the publishing of your article with no question asked.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Ivan Widjaya