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8 SEO Tests to Help Boost Your Website’s Rank

When you need to increase your website’s rank on Google, nothing will stop you from doing everything that you know will help in your pursuit. SEO is naturally the most… Read more »

14 Apps Restaurant Owners Can’t Live Without

As you already know, managing a restaurant is a 24-hour job. Given that we all live and work in the digital era, it only makes sense to make use of… Read more »

The New Workplace: Battle for AI Talent

Around two decades ago, the arrival of the internet to our everyday lives drastically changed the way the work was done. While computers had been around for several years, the… Read more »
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4 Digital Marketing Tips for Brick and Mortar Retailers

While there’s definitely some friction between brick and mortar retailers and ecommerce websites, you can’t let your animosity towards online retailers impact your ability to reach your customers. Like it… Read more »
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Four Must-Have Web Features in 2018

Having a website in 2018 is more than advisable, it’s an imperative. Whether you’re a small business owner, a musician, an artist or even a gamer looking to make money… Read more »
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Shopify Web Development and SEO – Utilizing SEO for Your E-commerce Site

E-commerce businesses have started using Shopify as a host to sell their products. The platform has exploded in popularity since its development in 2004. Now, they have over 600,000 e-commerce… Read more »
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Entrepreneurs – Here are 8 Calming Apps to De-stress and Clear Your Mind

Entrepreneurs – we understand that you’re super-busy. But please do remember that you somehow need to slow down a bit to avoid burnout. There are many ways to recharge your… Read more »
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Could Cryptocurrency Popularity Help or Hurt Ecommerce?

After rocketing up to almost $20,000 in late 2017, the value of Bitcoin cryptocurrency has fallen to a bit more than $8,000 in early 2018. Price swings eroding 60 percent… Read more »
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Cyber Security For Entrepreneurs – Where Do You Even Start?

If Cybersecurity sounds like something only online businesses and large companies need to be aware off, you are very wrong! Think about it: We spend a lot of time online,… Read more »
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Here’s How the Fashion Industry is Adapting to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a term which is increasingly garnering popularity within the retail and marketing world. Interestingly, fashion’s experience based nature makes it a perfect candidate for augmented reality. In… Read more »