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Crowdfunding in The Blockchain Era Creates New Opportunities for Disruptive Businesses

Before crowdfunding became widely used, the idea that a visionary entrepreneur could launch a business with no funds, was unrealistic to say the least. Without a considerable deposit and a… Read more »
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What Can Penetration Testing Do For Your Business?

By and large, more and more UK businesses are beginning to understand the importance of investing in cyber security. It was revealed in a recent study that more than half… Read more »
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Good, Better, Best Inventory Management Methods

There are good, better, and best methods of doing just about anything. For instance, when it comes to quickly traveling from one location to another, walking is good, biking is… Read more »
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5 Advantages of Using Intranet Software in Your Business

Technology is changing so fast. The fact that everything is being made faster and streamlined in how we collaborate and do business doesn’t necessarily mean that choosing the proper technology… Read more »
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GDPR: Website Tag Security a Big Problem for Webmasters (Infographic)

There are a number of risks that come when collecting consumer data via site tags, in order to collect marketing information and/or personalise a user’s experience. Not only does compromised… Read more »

Real or Imagined: Our Fears Regarding AI

Whether you realise it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be a huge part of humanity’s future. In fact, it’s already having an impact on our lives in… Read more »
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Why Buying a Used Mac can be the Best Choice

Everyone knows that the Apple brand has a reputation for higher price, reliability and its unique operating system. The company’s personal and business computers are revered in many ways, in… Read more »
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Top 5 Web Hosting Trends That Can Improve Your Brand in 2018

Web hosting trends keep evolving and it’s imperative to keep up if you want to beat the competition and thrive. Cloud computing is playing a major role in this current… Read more »
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Entrepreneurs: Use Technology to Promote Physical Activity and Healthier Lifestyles in The Workspace

Physical activity and generally living a healthy lifestyle is one of the many ways to increase life expectancy, be more productive, and enhance the quality of life. In the pre-technological… Read more »

4 Effective Communication Tools for Any Kind of Business

A powerful communication tool for business is crucial in boosting the efficiency of all employees. Having a great way to communicate to everyone allows you to work properly and successfully.… Read more »