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3 Ways British Businesses are Gearing Up for GDPR Compliance

Despite Brexit, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being enforced in the UK from May 2018. And businesses are scrambling to understand the complex data protection legislation and… Read more »
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5 Ways Your Business can Combat The e-Waste Epidemic

There was a record 45 million tonnes of worldwide e-waste in 2016, according to a UN backed report. Only 8.9 million tonnes of this was collected and recycled, meaning most… Read more »
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How Modern Software Can Grow Your Small Business

There is more to succeeding in the business world than entrepreneurial spirit, grit and determination, and a little bit of good luck. It also takes a technological edge. Whether it’s… Read more »
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4 Reasons to Use Online Review Trackers for Your Business Today

With nearly every sector of business today heating up with competition, customer satisfaction is more critical than ever before. No longer do businesses just rely on local customers to keep… Read more »
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Technology Trends in the Liquor Industry

When you think of a business or industry that could benefit a lot from technology, your mind might not automatically go to the liquor business. However, the liquor business is… Read more »

Does eLearning Live Up to the Hype?

The Internet has changed our lives.  It changed the way we do business; it changed the way we interact and communicate with one another; it changed the way we consume… Read more »

The Top 4 Benefits of Consistent IT Documentation

IT documentation is not exactly exciting. But having accurate, updated IT documentation is incredibly important for your business. Without the right documentation, it’s difficult to use efficient, consistent workflows. In… Read more »
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How to Use Google Trends to Improve Your SEO Strategy

A lot of small business owners are under the false impression that if they want to rank high in Google’s results, then they must invest heavily in SEO. But, that’s… Read more »

Mark Polelle Shares Why Millions of American Small Business Owners Feel Left Behind in Technology

Over the course of the past decade or so, Mark Polelle, a full-stack developer who specializes in blockchain technology, has marveled at how the tech sector has successfully altered the… Read more »
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Adrian Rubin Lists 4 Mobile Apps That Are Taking Social Entrepreneurship to the Next Level

When it comes to our consumer spending habits, it is increasingly the case that we base our decisions on how that spending functions as a reflection of our personal values… Read more »