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Starting out as a personal business blog in 2008, Noobpreneur.com has gradually evolved into a multi-authored blog. The number one benefit of having multiple authors is the many perspectives that they bring – Different people with different experiences and expertise will give you, the reader, different views on business or entrepreneurship topics. This, hopefully, will enrich you and help you in your personal and business endeavours.

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About the Owner

Ivan Widjaya is the Founder/CEO of Previso Media, an online publication agency, as well as several small business online publications, such as Noobpreneur.com, BizPenguin.com, OnSMB.com, and several other business blogs/online magazines. He is a web publisher, web property investor, blogger and web property builder.

He was one of the franchisees of a nationally-acclaimed business service center in Indonesia. He owned two franchise units and eventually failed miserably in both due to a combination of mis-management and the global economic collapse. Due to God’s grace, he crawled back into business and this time, he took the online route – self-taught – and never looked back. Today Ivan supports his family 100% from online income, working at home (by choice.)

From the Owner: What is Noobpreneur, anyway?

Some of our readers and vistors have asked me this very question: “What is Noobpreneur?”

It is a term I’ve coined to describe myself as – Noobpreneur = Newbie Entrepreneur. I define a newbie entrepreneur as someone who is ALWAYS a newbie (first-timer) in his/her entrepreneurial journey. In other words, a noobpreneur is someone who is not afraid to learn new knowledge and try new things.

Some of the “keywords” in a noobpreneur’s book: Fail fast, perseverance, resilience, kaizen (continuous learning,) and outside-the-box. A noobpreneur is not doing things based on mainstream ideas. Even if he/she choose to do the been-there-done-that opportunities, he/she will observe them, copy them AND modify them.

A noobpreneur is someone who:

1. Loves to fail fast

If a venture was failed, I want it to fail fast, so I can move on to the next venture, one step closer to entrepreneurial success. The faster, the better.

2. Treat business plan as a blog/diary/journal

Business plans are not developed before a noobpreneur starts a business – to a noobpreneur the business plan is just like a diary… even a blog.

3. Doesn’t like to get limited

To a noobpreneur, limitations exist to be challenged. “You need ABC to do XYZ” won’t work to a noobpreneur; a noobpreneur might answer: “I want to do XYZ and will find alternatives to ABC to make that happens – legally.”

4. Failing is good!

Failing is an experience. Success is a burden. You have to fail to be successful. Failing is good! These things make or break a noobpreneur!

So, there you go. If you have anything you have in mind, just tell me. We can share ideas and knowledge. Perhaps we can build a better business together. Or, perhaps we can build our own business better by sharing info. Anything… Just ask.

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