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Personal Finance

Secured Vs. Unsecured Loans: Which is Right for Me?

Nearly everyone faces an unexpected financial circumstance in life that requires more cash than is currently available in a checking or savings account. Borrowing with the help of a credit… Read more »

The Importance of Auditing, Explained (Infographic)

An audit is a management system done to check and evaluate the internal processes and financials of an organization especially in businesses. A business can either hire their own auditors,… Read more »
Info Tech

How to Make Booking Easier for your Clients using Mobile Booking Software

The smartphone has become a crucial device to almost everyone around the world. In fact, they are mostly used even more than the PCs and laptops today.  Phone manufacturers and… Read more »
Personal Finance

Is 2017 The Time to Take Private Health Insurance Seriously?

Everyone knows the NHS is in crisis. News reports bring doom and gloom about our beloved, creaking monolith on a daily basis. A recent report published by the National Audit… Read more »

Soda PDF – The Perfect Mac Reader

For аll thе MAC uѕеrѕ, dealing with thе PDF filеѕ may bе a problem but nо mоrе bесаuѕе Sоdа PDF is hеrе tо аllоw you tо read, edit аnd dеаl… Read more »

How to Eat Your Way to Productivity

If you have found yourself feeling sluggish and not as productive as you could be, you may well wish to start adding more fruit and veg to your diet. A… Read more »

Tips for Small Business Recovery Planning

It’s pretty common for those setting up their own businesses for the first time to become somewhat distracted by the excitement and indeed the challenges of the immediate moment. Suffice… Read more »
Personal Finance

The Gig Economy Presents Solopreneurs with more Insurance Protection Options Than You May Think

This is a unique point of time in American workforce history. Moods and attitudes about the way we work are changing. Employees are leaving traditional corporate work structures in favor… Read more »

Time to Get a Full Time Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Every entrepreneur reaches a point whereby they have to decide whether to seek additional help with their business or to invest their money elsewhere. The ability to make wise investments… Read more »

Property Investing Like the Pros

Property investment is perceived as a quick and sure-fire route to financial growth, however it usually is not that simple. The difference in property investment compared to any other investing… Read more »