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13 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Facebook (And How to Fix Them)

What’s one thing that I’m doing wrong on my personal or company Facebook page? photo credit: Owen W Brown / Flickr The following answers are provided by members of Young… Read more »
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What Does The Social Media Manager Do The Entire Day?

This is an important question to answer. We say this because most entrepreneurs out there do not want to hire a social media manager as they think they simply get… Read more »
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Here’s How to Successfully Launch your Startup’s Social Media Presence

In a world where Barack Obama and your grandma are using hashtags, you better believe it’s crucial for your startup to establish some sort of social media presence. It doesn’t… Read more »

The Importance of Building your Online Profile Through Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms aren’t just popular for following your favourite celebrities or declaring your undying love for the latest X Factor star. They can also be… Read more »

Surprising Facts About the Rich and Famous and Their Dominating Online Presence (Infographic)

Ever wonder how the rich, famous and successful people in the world enjoy all the great online exposures that so many of the entrepreneurs out there have to fight (and… Read more »

Top 8 Reasons Why Social is so Important for Local SMEs

If you own or manage a small or medium-sized local business, you need to be putting forth a significant effort to put your company front and center in the social… Read more »
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5 Tips for Avoiding a Damaging Social Media Storm

Social media can make or break a business in hours. Somewhere on average of close to 10,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter every second. While 2,300 pictures are uploaded to… Read more »
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4 Ways to Effectively Respond to Facebook’s News Feed Changes

Social media is a quick and effective way to market your small business. Not to mention, it’s free. By creating and operating a company page, small businesses are able to… Read more »
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Upcoming Advanced Technologies for Modern Businesses

From security cameras to cloud computing, technology is a crucial part of business. There are many ways technology can improve your business; it keeps you competitive, efficient, organized, and successful.… Read more »

Construction Marketing: Social Media Strategies for Home Builders and Remodelers

Social media doesn’t seem like a good way for contractors to advertise. But, more and more, large and small companies alike are getting in on the action. Here’s how to… Read more »