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How Social Media Could Turn Your Startup Into a Success Story

Entrepreneurship in this day and age has changed compared to around 20 years ago. An average person today will spend close to 20% of their time on social media when… Read more »
Social Media

5 Ways for Increasing Brand Awareness With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now a really important part of modern service and product promotion. It is used by brands from all around the world, large or small. One of… Read more »
Social Media

Get Your LinkedIn Page Generating the Buzz You Want

If you’re in business in today’s world, you underestimate the power of social media at your own peril. While there are multiple platforms on which a business can promote itself,… Read more »

Why Aren’t More Small Businesses Getting Involved With Social Media?

In February 2016, published an article revealing that 1 in 5 small businesses still aren’t using social media. For those of us using social on a daily basis and… Read more »
Social Media

The Rise of the Foodie and Food Apps

Food has obviously always played an important part in human history. However, in just the past few years, the role that food plays in western society has taken on entirely… Read more »
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Great Tips For Presenting Your Social Media Marketing Reports

Maybe you’re needing to report your social media ROI to the boss; maybe you’re needing to present the work your social media team to a potential investor. There are honestly… Read more »

3 CRM Strategies Business Owners Can Use on Facebook

CRM (customer Relationship Management) has become a buzz word of sorts and we see endeavors and instances of the concept wherever we go. I just finished shopping at a mall… Read more »

Content Marketing Strategies for Facebook

Everyone always talks about how social media is supposed to be one of the best venues for content marketing. But if you’re not careful, this great tool can quickly become… Read more »

Robust Instagram Post Scheduling App: Hopper Review

The first reason to have a social media scheduling app should be obvious to anyone working to further their brand: It allows you the ability to launch more posts, in… Read more »
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Snapchat Marketing for Small Business: Here’s How (Infographic)

It is difficult to read through technology or social media news today without coming across an article (or ten) on Snapchat. Many people are bewildered by the app, what it… Read more »