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Give Your Business the Branding it Deserves

As a fledgling business that’s hoping to grow, there’s nothing more important that your branding. Often described as the secret weapon of business, in this world of high consumerism, building… Read more »

Learning to Market in a Post-Modern World

Building a Strong, Recognizable Brand Every age has its own form of communication. There are means of communicating an idea linguistically, visually, aurally, and subtly. You’ll want to use all… Read more »

6 Brand Building Mantras for Small Business: Small Things to Build a BIG Brand

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How to Create Timeless and Effective Branding in 3 Easy Steps

While developing a strong and instantly recognisable brand has always been a leading business priority, it can be an exceptionally difficult goal to achieve. This is because there is a… Read more »
Social Media

How to Create a Social Media Presence When No One Knows Who You Are

Social media is here to stay, folks, and it’s now considered to be a vital part of business marketing. Inbound marketing has a much higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing,… Read more »

Top Tips for Building Your Brand Online

In today’s modern market place, where 90% of buying decisions are based on internet research, it has never been more important to ensure that you have built up a strong… Read more »

How to Build a trusted Brand

Marketing strategies have changed and developed over time; we are no longer at an era where uniformity, power and profits are perceived positively when it comes to successful brands. It’s… Read more »

How To Re-Boot Your Brand or How To Recognize A Stressed Brand

A powerful brand identityAll brands get tired. After years of carrying out business, a brand grows and shrinks with time. Business life has a way of delivering body blows to… Read more »

4 Little Things You Can Do to Build BIG Brands in 2012

Ready to build a BIG brand?I am often surprised by how people complicate everything. In a bid to achieve our goals we forget to think simple and do little things… Read more »

How to Use Twitter to Build Your Business Brand

Business brand buzzPerhaps one of the most surprising uses of the site Twitter is that it is very effective to use in building a business brand. Especially in youth oriented… Read more »