How to Say Goodbye to Google PageRank and Start Making Real Money Online

Every Internet marketer and guru will tell you how important Google is to your online business – and how you should do your best efforts to be listed in the search engines.

Not only plain listed, by the way. Having listed in search engines as the 956th link is close to none, zip, zero, blank, nada – simply useless. You know, the most precious search engines real estate is the first pages of search result when someone type a phrase or keywords. If your website listed in those first or second pages of search engines result, you are almost in heaven :)

For those who are a newbie (a noob) – just like me: The measurement system used by Google to determine the importance of a website is PageRank – based on 0-10 scale, where 0 is not-that-important, and 10 is very-super-hyper-important.

How to calculate PageRank? That’s a little tall order for me to explain, but in a noobpreneur way, I’ll say the more people link to your website, the more important your website is – Google rates this importance in PageRank.

To complicate things, the PageRank of websites linking to your website will affect your overall PageRank – In simple words, If a famous celebrity linked to you, you’ll became famous, too! Got it?

To even more complicate things, Google always change the way it views listed websites – this is to pursue fairness, because so many smart people develop a way to find loopholes in Google ranking system, in such a way that their websites will rank higher in the search result pages. Therefore, one strategy working well right now might not be that way again in the (near) future.

Some people I know are in desperation watching their websites’ PageRank drops slowly but surely – only to find out that a change in Google rating policies render their years of efforts almost useless. Only a view could adapt well to the changes.

Many experts suggest that there is one ultimate, legitimate, way to gain better search engine ranking – developing unique, original, useful content. (This is what I exactly do at the moment…) In my experience, this is very true. However…

Developing content takes time. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t disagree to this – but, it’s REALLY took time to develop great contents – If you do it for your and your reader pleasures, I highly recommend you to develop your website/blog content well. However…

Right now, not many people develop websites or write blogs for pleasure. Not anymore. The Internet today is commercialised – people want to make money online – websites are sales pages, blogs are monetized. I love to blog my ideas, but I also love that my blog is useful to you, my respected readers, as well as financially rewarding for me. So, developing quality contents AND making money online IS challenging indeed.

I’ve encountered a great resource (wait, are you trying to sell me something?). I have to be honest with you – Yes, I will eventually sell you something :) BUT, the resource I found recently is really helping me in my noobpreneur campaign to make BETTER money online. The resource alone is FREE – So you will learn a great deal even without paying for anything.

Harvey Segal's The Ultimate SuperTip E-bookTo cut to the chase, here’s what I found: Harvey Segal’s The Ultimate SuperTip E-Book. Who is Harvey Segal? In short, He is one of the most acclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus (a.k.a. Mr. ClickBank).

The e-Book contains his secrets and tips on Internet marketing and how to make money online without relying heavily on the search engine.

I really recommend you to download the free E-book and read it well (by the way, absolutely NO cost here, you don’t even have to give him your name or email address.)

The Ultimate SuperTip E-book contains 23 pages of solid content. No fluff.

A brief Overview of the book:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – The VERY BEST strategy to promote ANY product. A real case study is presented as well.

Chapter 3 – An ingenious twist that takes this strategy into orbit.

Chapter 4 – The tools that will help you put the strategy into practice immediately.

Chapter 5 – And finally an astonishing viral idea that will put money into your PayPal instantly (hint, it’s a 100% affiliate commission payout)

What is viral idea? Viral idea is virus-like spreading of idea, so replicative and contagious that anyone exposed will spread the idea to others, as well. This also explain other use of the word ‘viral’ – viral marketing, viral plan, etc.

The book is not just free, it’s a good read on the subject of viral products. But it’s the details of his viral plan I found fascinating. The e-book describes how to make money with viral e-books; in fact, the e-book itself is an example of that viral plan, while also explaining the viral plan, while BEING the viral plan, and so on and on, like some sort of Escher painting”¦ :D

To be honest with you, the scheme he talks about in there is powerful – so powerful, I was sending off my payment as I was finishing the e-book.

Like I said before, yes – I’m trying to sell you something, but only if you want to have other useful resource as well. I found them very useful, so I hope you can take advantage of them, too.

Why should I pay if I can get it for free?

Well, firstly, the free e-book includes a discount at the end for all the goodies inside (So good, I bought them all right away.)

Second, by becoming an affiliate, I can get 100% of the sales of those goodies (which are well worth while in themselves.)

Third, If it’s working well for me, it can also works well for you! I’m having a difficult time making money online (the last time, USD 0.62 in two weeks is not a good result at all!) Now, I see that all change with the help of all the resources I found inside.

Fed up of failing to make money online? So get a copy as soon as possible and go shopping. And, oh, don’t forget to practice what you have learned! You can’t get anything out of doing nothing, can you?

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