Monitoring Your Web Properties Search Engine Ranking

I own many web properties – I’m currently investing my time and resources to web properties due to the ever-growing market capitalisation of Internet business and investment.

Not only monitoring my web properties’ value and revenue, I also monitor my websites’ performance in the eye of search engines.

Why search engines? You promote to people, not to search engines!

Well, yes – that’s why search engine is paramount for your Internet business and web properties. Simple, search engines are your marketplaces – You advertise, promote and optimise your websites in order to achieve better placement in the them.

If you often heard about the over-emphasized Google PageRank, it’s because PageRank is one of the important indicator of how Google, as a search engine, view your site – eventually, it affect your placement in the search engine result pages.

Search engine ranking

Search engine ranking indicates where your websites are in the search engine result pages. The aim, of course, is for your website to be listed in the first page, usually the top 10 website for a certain keyword.

As many indicates, the most coveted search engine real estate is the first and second result page – that is, the top 20 websites. Beyond the second page, there is not much exposure, I must say.

How to be place on the first page of search engine result pages? Do your homework – do search engine optimisation (SEO), create useful website content, and create enough buzz to your website. Not easy, but worth pursuing :)

Tools to monitor search engine ranking

You can enter the keyword related to your website in search engine’s search box. You can see where your website is in the result pages. However, to monitor the movement of your website, you need a tool.

Of course, you can do the monitoring manually – note the changes in a spreadsheet, and you are done. However, if you manage lots of web properties, this is not a productive way to do monitoring.

I found, and just recently tested, a search engine ranking tools – It’s basically an affordable paid service, but it offers you free account to monitor one aspect of your website search engine performance indicators.

My experience with the site is positive – Changes are tracked in real time, and it does really help me reducing the hassle of checking and tracking my web property’s search engine ranking information from time to time.

If you are involving in Internet business and investing in web properties, I would like to suggest you to test the service, and see whether it suits your need.

Ivan Widjaya
Monitoring search engine ranking