Why You Have to Do Business Online – Part 2

work at homeThis is the second and final part of the 2-post series. Just in case you have missed the first part, here is the blog post – Why You Have to Do Business Online – Part 1.

In the first part of the series, I talked about stats, stats and stats – The idea is not to blabber about pointless data; The idea is to give you the facts and what you should do to respond to them.

You might said, “Well, all look promising. But what about the dot com bubble burst that caused the loss of billions of dollars back in the year 2000?” My answer to your question: Yes, but businesses learning from the pioneers and start smarter than ever… and thrive.

Online businesses, such as eBay the online marketplace, CraigList the online classified, and Facebook the online community, are enjoying their slice in the Internet business world, despite the lingering problem of recession.

If you do too much waiting game, you will soon realise that it’s a bad decision making. People who took the online opportunities before you will achieve success, and even if you decide to enter the online business arena sooner than you would wanted to, you can’t possibly achieve what those people has achieved. Will there be another Google? I don’t know and I don’t think so. Will there be another eBay? I don’t know and I don’t think so.

Adding to the negatives of playing the waiting game, the Internet has enabled teenagers (and a rare case I’ve found is a successful webpreneur at… 9 years old! – A scam? I don’t know…) But I know some teenpreneurs (around their 17 or 18)and have partnered with them in the past for a couple of projects – All I can say is, they know way too much more than me :)

The point of the above statement is, you’ve got to have the “adventurous” spirit of the teenage webpreneurs – they don’t afraid of the Internet. Instead, they capitalise it.

Sure, you can say, “Well, they are born when the Internet is already a common thing in our lives – So, entering the make money online arena is not that difficult for them.” My answer to your statement: Yes, they were born in a time that Internet, iPod, blogging and other tech/Internet-related concepts, products and services are common. But, in my opinion, what differ you from them is passion and an eye for opportunity. If they can do online business part-time after school, why can’t you do just the same after your day job or business activities?

“I have to socialise.” “I have to rest.” “I need to spend time with my family.” – Yes you need them, but NO excuses. You ALWAYS have the time!

How about spending 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time in a day to learn about online business (and make money online) and build your very own online business? You’ve got to have free time to procrastinate, don’t you? I do procrastinate.

I do have free time for myself, despite the fact I run multiple businesses with clients to please and a family with one wife and two little children to take care. And, you are lying to yourself saying “I don’t have enough time to do this.”

So, here’s a clue: Find out as much as you can about online business and make money online, and start entering make money online and do business online at baby step.

You can choose to DIY or outsource your websites or blogs development (I can help you with website creation ;)… ). But one important thing before that: Take your first step, as staying still in the middle of the street hoping things stay the same won’t get you anywhere.

A bit off: My view on blogging as a way to make money online

Some people said that blogs, blogging and the blogosphere are saturated and not considered as a way to make good amount of money online; There are virtually millions of new blogs created each day, with some trying to brand/market their offline business, and some other are trying to make money on their own.

I think that the time will soon come for the blogging world to sustain itself – bad or abandoned blogs will die away, some survive as marketing tools, some survive as online diaries (the grass-root of blogs), some survive as money-making web properties.

Good blogs can and will make considerable amount of money. Most will be in the hudreds dollar region, while a select few will reach tens of thousands of dollar a month. So, yes – you can make money online blogging.

Ivan Widjaya
Doing business online
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