Investment Opportunity: Live-Saving Drug Licensing

Drug patent investment
Drug patent investment
Entrepreneurs and investors: If you want to make a difference to human’s life, you might want to consider this investment opportunity in drugs and medicine industry.

This opportunity is originating from a contact of mine, Ms. Jeanette Sams-Dodd. It’s basically about a call for investors to invest in the acquisition of patent for a drug that can save many lives, worldwide.

Here’s what the drug can do: It can make wounds heal 50% faster. How’s that for live-saving opportunities?

In approximately half a year’s time, the patent needs to be renewed. The problem is this: If the patent is not going to be renewed, no drug will be developed – Without patent, no investor would want to invest money in developing this invention into a drug as it will not be paid back by the sales of the final product.

Mr. Frank Sams-Dodd and his wive, Ms. Jeanette, is the direct contacts on the drug patent acquisition, so you can inquire as much as you want about this opportunity – You can find Mr. Frank’s contact detail at the end of this blog post.

Live-saving drug licensing: Profit-making investment and life-saving opportunities

Here is the short summary of the drug along with the business and investment details of the drug’s patent acquisition.

SBP-202 – a life-saving drug about to be lost

SBP-202 is a novel drug that makes wounds heal 50% faster, it can combat bacterial wound infections, including bacteria that are antibiotic resistant (like MRSA), and it can heal complicated diabetic foot and venous leg ulcers. SBP-202 has been able to save people with life-threatening gangrene infections that did not respond to any kind of treatment. SBP-202 is completely non-toxic.

All this sounds too good to be true, but this drug exists and it has shown these effects in patients. We have almost 20 years of experience in drug discovery and development from the pharmaceutical industry and this is one of the most promising drugs we have ever seen. For SBP-202 to be available to patients worldwide it must undergo formal develop and be approved by the FDA.

The innovative, goal directed development of SBP-202

SBP-202 is the result of a 10 year collaboration between two medical doctors and a chemistry professor. The medical doctors are responsible for a hospital ward with 25-30 beds dedicated exclusively to complicated wounds. They know first-hand the seriousness of these conditions and were able to define the types of properties an “ideal” wound healing therapeutic should possess. Together with the chemistry professor, they initiated a research program aimed at identifying better treatments for necrotic and purulent wounds.

Successful treatment of patients

To date SBP-202 has been used successfully in 150 patients. It has healed a wide variety of wound types, e.g. diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers, burns and infected wounds including by antibiotic resistant strain bacteria. SBP-202 does not cause side effects or toxicity. All of these findings/observations strongly reduce the risk of failure during the development process.

Global potential

It has low production costs, no special storage requirements and a long shelf life. This will allow SBP-202 to be used in less privileged areas of the world as well as disaster- and war-ridden regions.


SBP-202 is fully covered by two patents. The patents cover composition of matter and the use of the composition for the treatment of a broad range of wounds.

Market potential and Competition

Wound care is a major healthcare market with an estimated value of US$10 billion in 2007 and is predicted to grow to US$12.5 billion in 2012.

Currently, no products exist to accelerate wound closure and SBP-202 will therefore be first in class. SBP-202 will create entirely new market segments that include all acute and chronic wounds – not just chronic non-healing wounds.

SBP-202 will be first in class for acceleration of wound healing.

It can be positioned as the first-choice wound treatment product by hospitals and health-care professionals. It will be well received on the veterinary market.

Funding goal

The goal is to raise $ 2.5 mill to be able to renew the patents and to develop SBP-202 to the point where it can be sold to the pharmaceutical industry (IND-stage). An exit is expected in approx. two years.

(Clinical development for wound treatment is substantially cheaper than the clinical development of many other important therapeutic areas.)

Funding is urgently needed

Due to the financial crisis it has not been possible to secure funding from traditional sources such as venture capital companies.

In approximately 5-6 months, the patent is up for renewal, or it will be lost. If the patent is lost, nobody will ever invest in developing this drug because without a patent the investment will not be paid back by the sales of the final product. So, if funding is not found now, this extraordinary opportunity that has actually already saved lives could easily be lost. Being aware of the impact this compound can have on humanity as well as animal welfare, this would be a catastrophe.

Contact details

Ready to safe life and invest in people’s well-being? If so, please contact Mr. Frank Sams-Dodd via this email address:

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