Good News the Government Says the Recession is Over….What?

Light at the end of a tunnel
Light at the end of a tunnel

The economy will recover. Someday. Many measures have been taken to help boost the economic recovery, but evidence of a struggling economy continues to surround those in the business community, job seekers, and families trying to make ends meets. Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs have to push ahead regardless of the difficult conditions surrounding them. Businesses continue to feel the need to delay additional investment in their own businesses. Business acquisition, mergers, and businesses selling remains slow. Business Owners will know when the recession is over. They will know the economy is recovering when people increase their discretionary spending and JOBS ARE CREATED.

A Poll I participated in released result recently and I wanted to share those findings.

Poll Done shows Americans Yet to Be Convinced Recession is Over

I would like to thank for allowing me to share the above poll results.

On September 15, 2009, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke publicly declared that it is “very likely” that the recession has ended. However, results of our nationwide poll: “Do you see evidence in your locale that the recession is over?” do not concur with this assertion. Only 9% of respondents agreed with Bernanke’s economic assessment.

The demographics of the poll are what make the results particularly important. The small and midsize business communities as well as the professional advisors that serve these privately held businesses were targeted. Their voting is shown in the table below.

Do you see evidence in your locale that the recession is over?

40% No
29% Ending but not over

22% Too early to tell
9% Yes

The location of the respondents varied, with all regions of the country being represented. Respondents also came from all sectors of industry as well as large urban areas and small cities. This poll was conducted online, concentrating on owners of small and mid-size business and the people that work with these businesses, such as professional advisors, dealmakers and sources of financing. These businesses amount to 98% of the total businesses in the USA, according to Dun & Bradstreet.

The poll remained open from September 21 until October 6, 2009 on LinkedIn,,, and the free e-newsletter: The Business Buyer Advocate.

I would like to thank for allowing me to share the above Poll results.

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