How to Benefit from the US Dollar Devaluation in 2010

US Dollar bill
Dropping in values?
As more US Dollars will be circulated in 2010 due to Dollar devaluation, you should stop losing value of your money and benefit from it – before it is all too late for the rest of us.

I’m not really interested in politics, but I do take high interest of what the US is deciding on issues, particularly on their US Dollar, which is still the barometer of world’s finance.

I’m not in a position to comment on the reason Obama devalued and will devalue the US Dollar, but like it or not, it will affect you in some ways or another. It is time for you to decide: to suffer or benefit from it.

How to benefit from the US Dollar devaluation for your personal and business finance?

I have stumbled on this interesting, rather amusing press release from

It is written back on October 13, 2009, but the ‘anxiety’ written all over the article is true to the rest of us. Here are some humor-but-on-target remarks (or rants?) from the (so called) press release – or rather, a blog post:

Sell your 401K NOW!… Sell, sell, and sell! Buy GOLD, GOLD, GOLD! …the democrats see dollar dropping as a “safe” way to bring everyone into Slavery! You will have to …make more money just to keep up with the speed of the dollar dropping and losing it’s value! …Sell, sell, and sell! Your 401K and use it, or turn it into gold! …Run for your lives!

A bit cheeky but mostly true, indeed.

I do agree with the writer. Most of us would suffer from the dollar devaluation. However, there is a way to ‘catch up’ with the losing value of Dollar.

Sell 401K and buy gold – This is something that Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki has actually implicitly advise us to do. He did criticised the 401K scheme in his books, and he does thumbed-up gold (and other precious metals) as a way to protect and grow your wealth, even in tough times.

I do buy gold myself – I do so because I know that if I don’t do it now, the window of opportunities will pass. This is, indeed, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How about foreign exchange? If you know how to ‘play the game’ of forex trading, I have to say the Euro is the right currency to secure your hard-earned cash in (I personally like Singapore Dollar, though…)

Next year is probably the right time, mainly for non-US entrepreneurs (or for those who invest in non-US countries), to start a business, as the interest rates will most probably plummet when more and more US Dollars released into the world’s financial systems. For me, next year is probably the right time to acquire more and more web properties.

I conclude…

Although I think this US Dollar devaluation is having destructive effects, there are actually many ways to benefit from the devaluation of US Dollar – Investing in gold and/or foreign currencies and start a non-US business with lower interest rates are a couple of them.

To benefit from this rare occasion, you need to ready yourself in such a way that you will be ready for the big wave of US Dollar devaluation and take every benefit from it, instead of becoming one of its victims.

Sell your 401K and buy gold today – A legitimate advice, I must say.

Ivan Widjaya
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