Why Surrounding You with The Right People is Important to Your Success

business teamwork
Business teamworking
Business is all about team work. Whether you own a one-person business or a multi-staffed business, surrounding you and your business with the right people is very important. Why?

I enjoy reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books (the Rich Dad Poor Dad series.) One of many concepts he taught in his book that I (and nobody) can’t deny the truth is all about your personal and business environment: Your success is determined by whom you surround your personal life and business with.

In short, surrounding your personal and business life with the right people will determine your success. E.g. In business, get yourself involved with the right ‘team’ – accountant, lawyer, staffs, business mentors, etc. – will thrive your business. That being said, the wrong people in your team will drain the life out of your business.

I heard too many stories that entrepreneurs and business owners were going out of business due to them taking the wrong advice from the wrong people. Some of them are, too, on the brink of personal bankruptcy – all thanks to the wrong advice.

Not only in business world, wrong advice from the wrong people can also destroy your personal finance. Often happens in investment arena, people are interestingly trust their financial advisor or investment broker more than their spouse. The wrong financial advisor or broker can drain the life out of your personal finance, running away with the commissions they have received while leaving you in the dust (and never look back.)

Sad stories

Someone I know is having problem in his personal finance because, throughout his life, he takes advice from the wrong people. To cut long story short, he was running a successful business, but when the downturn hit him, he has no reserve whatsoever for the rainy days. He is now drowning in debts.

I remember a story about a senior couple from Hong Kong that lost their life saving due to their ‘100%’ trust on their personal finance advisor, who allegedly gave advice for them to invest their money with an investment company. To cut long story short, the investment company has gone bankrupt due to the financial crisis in 2008. The couple lost their entire life saving, and had to face bleak future.

I, too, once surrounded myself with the wrong people. Don’t get me wrong, those people are nice people and have no intention to harm me in any ways. But unfortunately, they are giving advices that I took by heart, in such a way that I blindly took business decisions that cost me near personal bankruptcy. I don’t blame them; the blame is on me, myself and I.

You should seek second opinions

Like going to another Doctor or General Practitioner for a second opinion for your health problem, you should seek second opinions from others. Don’t take things for granted, taking any advices coming your way and treating those advices as the truth. You need to be skeptical – you need to question any advices, even criticise the advices by heart.

To your surprise, looking for second opinions could actually meet you with the right people. But then, how to know that someone you meet is the right people to take advice from?

Apart from some background and credibility checks, the main indicator (at least in my case) that someone can actually help you becoming a better business person is that he/she won’t agree with you much. Yes, surrounding yourself with ‘yes-men’ won’t help you at all.

Last words

You should consider to contact and connect with like-minded people – see how ‘great mind thinks alike’ works. If you just plunge yourself into entrepreneurship, find those that ‘have been there’ and learn from them. Seeking entrepreneurship advice from, for instance, someone working for a Boss is not recommended, as both are a totally different world.

Don’t forget – never take things for granted. Success doesn’t come easy. Always look for someone you can learn from; Listen to them and follow their lead. Success will be yours if you keep yourself open-minded and have the right people aiding you in your ’cause.’

Ivan Widjaya
Finding the right people
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