Get a Foursquare Business Page for Your Small Business Now

foursquare for business
Foursquare for small business
If you are a small business owner chances are you must be on the lookout for inexpensive ways to promote your business and gain visibility for your brand. What would you call a free web presence? A God send perhaps, something to help you work your way to visibility without spending anything. Here’s why your small business needs a Foursquare Business Page now…

You Don’t have to be Big or Have the Big Bucks Any More

Yes, Foursquare business pages are no longer limited to big, well established brands with the money and clout to buy Foursquare’s limited and in-demand dev resources. Business pages on Foursquare are now self-serve which is just the thing you need when you are working with little or next to nothing as your advertising budget.

For the last 18 months, Foursquare has created about 3,000 business pages in-house, powered by its team of developers and designers and coordinating with brand creative teams.

As a business model, this turned out to be time-consuming and unsustainable not to forget restricting growth model that tended to work with only the big names in business. But things have changed now.

The Free Page is Self-Serve and Flexible

Now, any business can create a free Foursquare business page, whereby it can customize a branded page where fans can “follow” the brand and unlock its tips.

Foursquare’s new self-serve model for brand pages will prove to be a virtual God send for small businesses, that have gained from managing their venues on Foursquare, but have not had the opportunity to interact with users by leaving Foursquare tips.

Business pages will now be able to have entire teams of people managing the same page. Add to that a new tool to enable brands to add multiple page “managers” to a page’s account makes things both simpler as well as interactive.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to the site and read up Foursquare’s FAQ on business pages to get an idea of what your small business needs to get started and maintain the page.

The web is what we make of it and small business owners who are looking to make their mark virtually can put the Foursquare page to good use. The next big thing to free business pages online Foursquare business pages can be used as a promotional tool by almost any small business. Go get one!