How to Start an Auto Detailing Business?

auto detailing business idea
Starting an auto detailing business

Auto detailing can be a rewarding personal business if you are good at marketing and you don’t mind putting in a little extra hard work.

The first step in starting your own company is to research the business laws in your city and state. Put together a formal business plan that includes your options if the business is more successful than you expect and your options if the business doesn’t grow as quickly as you would like. You might need to secure some startup money through a loan so that you can purchase the equipment you will need before you begin to sell your services.

Complete the Proper Paperwork

The majority of small businesses fail because the owners didn’t take the time to organize the paperwork before the business opened. Contact your local small business commission to find out what kind of applications and fees are necessary to start a business in your area. Open a checking account to keep your business money separate from your personal money. Make sure you are aware of any sales tax that you would need to pay to the state each month. Many states host workshops each month for people who are interested in opening a business. It can be frustrating to spend time on these details when you are anxious to get started, but you will be glad you did once your business begins to pick up.

Choose the Right Tools for the Job

Professional detailing is different from personal detailing. The auto carpet cleaner you use as a professional needs to be sturdy enough to stand up to constant use, day after day. You also need to find tools that can help speed up the detailing process. Some of the more powerful tools, like rotary buffers, may require a bit of training.

Decide Where and How to Provide Services

One of the best things about offering auto detailing as a service is that you can travel to the customer instead of having the customer come to you. If you aren’t ready to invest in a shop of your own, you can create a mobile detailing shop by purchasing a small SUV and filling it with your detailing tools. Working in parking lots and other highly visible areas is a good way to advertise your services while you save money on your initial overhead. When you are ready, you can rent a garage so that you can do detail work in any kind of weather.

Market Your Services Aggressively

The key to successful detailing is marketing. You need to be out there selling your services as often as possible. Focus your efforts on areas where people drive expensive cars. These drivers will have more money to spend on detailing, and they typically have less time to do the detailing work on their own. Dealerships provide detailing services, but they tend to pay less than individuals do. Classic car owners can be good, steady customers as well, but some of them are a little more finicky about their cars because they are more emotionally attached to the vehicles. Find your niche and become known as an uncompromising detailed to ensure your continued success.

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