The Job Duties of an IT Specialist

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The position of information technology (IT) specialist has grown into an integral part of most businesses that use all forms of specific technological tools to run their company. This usually consists of computer expertise which includes being versed on the latest software, hardware, security updates and anything else that may apply to a company’s specific requirements. It is a job that needs to be filled by someone with a proven track record who can demonstrate their skills on site, prior to signing a contract.

Below are some of the specific job duties of an IT specialist.

Proper Education

In the beginning, many IT specialists were self-taught but as technology advanced more and more needed to obtain proper training. One of the main job duties of an IT specialist is to be educated as well as maintain continuing education on all related industry upgrades when it comes to state-of-the-art electronic changes. This includes pertinent licensing, possible International familiarity, as well as the newest release of everything from cell phones to computer advancement.


Being able to wire an entire office, building or multiple locations so all users can work on a dedicated network is another vital responsibility. This means manually running wireless and/or hard-wired linkage to an in-house server complete with multi-function capability including Internet access and mobile connections.


Security advancements have long surpassed simple firewall programs. An IT specialist needs to be versed on the most current security technology that will be the best fit for the company they are employed at. Anti-virus and ant-spam software must be commercial grade with the option of every available package according to the allotted budget of what the company wants or needs to stay safe. Also, being versed on cloud backup services as well as external hard drive installment is another essential component to an IT specialist’s duties. Many companies require both of these security backup measures.


Depending on the scale of the company, troubleshooting duties could be anything from maintaining and repairing employee cell phones, telephone systems and high end printers attached to a multi-framed database to manually cleaning, revamping and replacing office desktop and/or laptop computers.


In some cases an IT specialist is responsible for designing new virtual infrastructures and databases according to the company’s specific needs and requirements. This means that additional training must be apparent on an IT specialist’s resume that states software design capability and experience.

Social Networking

Because many companies are now attached to things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn another IT duty is to be able to maneuver and maintain these social networking sites accordingly. Keeping them current and on-point working with bloggers and newsletter teams can be paramount to a company’s success.

The involvement of an IT specialist is front and center in the high velocity of global and domestic business. Some or all of these job duties are what is to be expected when working for a large or small organization.

About the Author: Matt Tomasino enjoys exploring the world of technology and is fascinated by the way technology is changing lives. He also enjoys working with IT staff augmentation services to help unemployed IT professionals find new career paths.