Social Media Intelligence: Most Important PR Skill

social media intelligence
Social media intelligence - social media can make or break your brands - plan your social media campaign well
Anyone in business in the 21st Century needs to be aware of the importance of social media, and how platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be turned to their advantage.

In the days of almost unlimited Internet access, with users logging on from home, work or even on the go (using smartphones and WiFi devices) social media is the place where brands can be made or broken – and business owners ignore the importance of social media intelligence at their peril.

What Can Social Media do for My Business?

If you are a business owner who is unaware of the potential benefits of a social media presence then the time has come to familiarise yourself with the format. Creating a credible online presence is no longer restricted to building a reputable website of your own; in order to truly interact with customers and potential clients you must be accessible in social spaces as well.

Creating a Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube account are just the first steps to a new level of online engagement that will allow your business to reap benefits including:

  • Instant access to your customer base/potential clients: Use online updates to send out news of promotions, deals, developments and more.
  • Two way interaction with customers and potential clients: Social platforms allow you to respond quickly to queries and complaints in a transparent fashion – helping customers to see your business as a helpful and interactive entity rather than a faceless corporation.
  • Brand development: Using social sites as part of a transmedia approach to promotions creates possibilities to develop your brand in the eyes of the consumer.
  • Unrivalled Exposure: Savvy use of social media gives businesses the potential for their promotional materials to go viral. Using social media sites to share means that companies have access to a global audience if what they offer is enticing enough.

Integrating Social Media Strategy

Social media is huge, but in order to work effectively a social media strategy must be created to work alongside more traditional marketing means, to ensure access to the largest cross section of potential clients. If you are not up to date on the latest technologies, why not consider a social media management company to handle your accounts in much the same way as a PAYE Payment Solution might take responsibility for your payroll issues. If you prefer to go it alone, ensure that all relevant departments have training for and access to the company’s official social media outlets so that your brand can present a cohesive identity online.

Finally, don’t rely on social media alone for promotional purposes. Remember that social media platforms are made for sharing and so, in order to properly participate you must have something worthwhile to share – continue to use traditional PR and promotional materials such as press releases and print or broadcast adverts as a starting point and ensure that you integrate social media sharing as part of your dissemination strategy.