How to Search for Qualified Employees for your Business

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How to find the right employees from online job sites
I wish I did this in the past: Search for potential employees from a job reporting service. Read on to learn how posting jobs on a job reporting service is different from your typical online public job boards.

Finding potential employees is not as easy as you thought

I was running two business service centers and I remember that one of the most tasks I wish I would never need to do is to find new employees. As employees come and go, I need to constantly look for new employees. I run job ads on newspapers, only to find that there was either lack of response or lack of quality candidates.

But that was about 5 years ago. At that time online recruitment didn’t cross my mind. As I run an online business today, I always use online job sites to look for potential employees.

You know what’s the funny thing is? To my surprise, the responses of my online and off line job ads are simply similar: It’s either lack of response or lack of quality candidates. If there’s an inclination, online job ads tend to give me more resumes – but finding “real” and quality resumes are like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Why not online public job boards: Limited opportunities, fake resumes

The typical online public job boards only give job seekers a list of jobs posted by paying employers. Which means, the job opportunities are limited, thus limiting the number of potential candidates looking for jobs.

What’s more annoying as an employer is the fact that job seekers can post resumes for free on most of those job sites; and you know what “free” means in the online world: More spam, and in the case of resume, plenty of fake CVs.

Fortunately, there are online entrepreneurs who are aware of the gap of the market, launching not-your-typical online job boards. One of them is Employment Crossing.

Opt for pure job reporting service

Employment Crossing does what many online job sites don’t do: Consolidation jobs from various sources – other online job sites and the employers’ career sites, as well as Employment Crossing’s own job listing. There is currently more than 1.5 million job opportunities registered job seekers can apply to.

Employment Crossing label their service as a pure job reporting service, displaying job opportunities as they are, without the involvement of advertisers’ job posting – so, there will be no advertising on-site.

In order to access the job postings, job seekers need to sign up for a membership (Employment Crossing offers 3-day free trial to see whether the system can really help job seekers to find jobs better.) This is great news for employers, as they will find better, “real” candidates.

As for employers, job posting with Employment Crossing will have your job posted on-site. You can update your job ads for a month to give you more flexibility. The company also gives off-site benefits, as well: Your job openings will be promoted to hundreds of associated sites, as well as sent out in newsletters and email alerts to thousands of job seekers.

Not only job posting, you can also search resume from a big database of resumes, being proactive instead of waiting for job seekers to contact you. You can save resumes for future reference, if you like.

So, if you are looking for potential employees for your business and don’t know which online job sites to choose, I recommend Employment Crossing to help you find the right person in timely manner.

Ivan Widjaya
On job reporting service