Why Complaint Websites are Good for Business

Consumer complaints websites are a great way for your online voice to be heard by connecting you directly with the decision makers within a company. This is an efficient way for your problems to get resolved quickly and with little to no hassle. It’s also an easy way to share your complaints with other followers and friends, and it shows companies what they can do to keep their business running smoothly.

complaint is good
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The Popularity of Complaints Sites

From the aspect of the consumer, complaints websites give the customer an outlet where they can voice their opinions toward the company that they feel gave them poor service. It could also affect the company’s business when they receive an unsatisfactory rating. Writing a letter is basically obsolete in today’s world. An online complaint can be shared around the globe with other consumers, and it could even garner a ranking on major Internet sites. This usually attracts comments from other customers, and it may lead to the company wanting to find a resolution to the customer’s problems.

Turning Consumer Complaints into Opportunities

Businesses don’t like customer complaints, but they can make the company better. They also provide warning to the customers in advance about any existing problems with a product or the company before they place their order. By listening to the consumer’s problems, it’s the perfect way to seek out opportunities for improving their product and services, ways to retrain their employees and improving the end result of the business.


Companies are fast paced, and they are becoming increasingly competitive. Customer service representatives need to know their product, and the services that they provide thoroughly to better the business. A small hole in this process could have severe repercussions and lead to lost revenue. Businesses should train their employees properly, so their lack of experience and knowledge doesn’t harm their success.

The Business

The most common problem in customer complaints is the product or service that the business provides. There could be a flaw with the design, a problem with the way the product was distributed or the way it is marketed that could lead to an unsatisfactory rating.

The Consumer

When customers order a product from a business, they feel that once the company has their money it is the end of their communication. To receive positive comments via word-of-mouth, a business needs to go above and beyond with the consumers that have purchased their products or services. A company will find they are receiving more favorable comments and fewer consumer complaints if they follow up with the customer after they receive their product. Feedback about everything from the way the customer service representative did their job to the delivery of the product could have a major impact.

It’s never easy for a company to hear a consumer complaint, but if they stop being defensive, they will see this as an opportunity to better their business. In the end, if the company doesn’t listen to the outcry from the public, their financial statements will eventually reflect their discord.

About the Author: Katie Hewatt is a consumer advocate and contributing author for Gripevine, a popular consumer complaints website that provides consumers a place to voice their complaints. Gripevine also allows businesses to create an account to view the complaints against their company, giving them a chance to resolve with the consumers to better their customer satisfaction scores.