Secret Thoughts

“Secret thoughts.” The phrase sounds shady, naughty even. Images of darkness and locked doors come to mind. You might think, “Secret thoughts? What does that mean, and can they really be a good thing?” The truth is that they can be much more than good: They can be the secret to your success and happiness.

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Secret Thoughts, Defined

Think about what you truly desire for yourself, what you hope to have and do in the future. These are your secret thoughts. Everyone has them – you just might not realize yours yet.

Secret thoughts are so deep-rooted that you may not even tell your spouse or closest friends about them. For whatever reason, you keep them to yourself. In most cases, people don’t believe they deserve to realize these clandestine dreams, whether it’s due to self-doubt or another limiting factor.

Dig Deep

Think about what you truly want for yourself in the long run. Don’t dwell on what you want to do tomorrow, or about the five pounds you want to lose by Christmas; think about what you truly, deeply desire for yourself. What are the thoughts you find your subconscious infiltrating, being its naysaying self, berating you with messages like, “You shouldn’t have this. You’re not good enough. Who do you think you are?” Those underlying desires, those unexpressed but known possibilities, are the secret thoughts themselves.

Should vs. Want

Ever notice that sometimes you feel like you’re lacking something, whether it’s in business, life, or your relationships? Chances are, the culprit is a secret thought, begging to be expressed within you. People stay in relationships because they think that they have to, instead of pursuing relationships that would better them. They continue working jobs they feel they have to do, rather than finding ways to expand, leave, grow, or change.

The sad part is this: the only thing those people will ever find is resentment. Repressed desires and unexpressed potential will find a way to come out eventually, no matter how hard a person tries to suppress them. If they’re not expressed in a healthy way, bad things develop: addictions, abnormal behaviors, mental disorders. That’s why it’s so important to express your secret thoughts to someone who can support you in that expression.

It’s Not Easy

It’s hard to overcome the variety of barriers to your expression of secret thoughts – and trust me, there are quite a few. Not only is your own subconscious probably talking you down, you’re also facing a fear of judgment, shame, or embarrassment. Everyone experiences judgment growing up, from teachers, family members, and peers. It can be hurtful, especially if you’re judged by people you trust; being told that your secret thoughts are not something that you should entertain can be debilitating.

But the real reason judgment hurts so much is that those secret thoughts are the things that are closest to our souls. They’re really who we are. Our purpose lies in those thoughts and, when they’re shut down, it’s like somebody actually tears part of our souls away. The flip side, though, is that when these secret thoughts are expressed in a healthy way, it’s as if our souls have come alive. Gone are the feelings of emptiness and lack of fulfillment, and in their place are excitement and passion for a life of abundance.

Make Your Fantasy a Reality

Secret thoughts have become modern escape fantasies. When you find yourself daydreaming about being a musician, an actress, a fighter pilot, or an artist, this is actually your inner self telling you, “Listen, you should be doing something else. There’s something out there that is a lot more harmonizing with your soul that would give you great pleasure and satisfaction in life.” The minute people settle for an “I guess this is just the way it is” mentality, they resign themselves to a life of resentment and negativity. By listening to your secret thoughts, you can make your fantasy life a reality.

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In business and in life, secret thoughts serve a much bigger purpose than most people realize. By unlocking these unexpressed desires, you’ll find potential for happiness and fulfillment in areas that you never even dreamed possible.

About the Author: David Neagle is The Million Dollar Income Acceleration Coach, and President of Life Is Now, Inc. He mentors entrepreneurs in over 7 countries to quantum leap their current businesses past the 7-figure sales mark in just 12 months. For more information on how David can help you achieve your goals in life, contact him here.