Localised SEO: Make It Work

The possibility to spread your marketing message across the world is terrific. Yet, not every business actually needs being heard worldwide.

For most online businesses, it’s important to get heard as far as their shipping policies allow them to deliver. Build your email marketing list with this in mind to achieve maximum value for your marketing efforts.

local seo
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Why localise SEO

For companies that don’t ship products all over the world local search engine optimisation is top priority as it allows businesses to get their lists of services in front of people who can actually use them. Clearly no one will look for a hairdresser or repair services based in another country.

Here are a number of tactics that may help you target your SEO campaign better.

Add your address to the site pages

Putting your physical address on every page of your website may seem obvious, yet this simple step is often being forgotten. Remember to add your zip code, city and state on the website titles as these details are later indexed and referenced by the search engine.

Choose the right keywords

To localise your SEO campaign, use local keywords. Using the keyword “computer maintenance” will get you into the range of worldwide results, with thousands of similar services. Building your content around local keywords such as “computer maintenance London” or “hairdresser Kent” will help your targeted audience find your site quicker.

Use Google Maps

Using map programs in the major search engines is a great way to optimise your local SEO. For example, you can register your website with Google Maps free of charge, and customers will be able to see it in local search results more often.

Look for local directories

The web abounds with local directories that specialise in businesses located in certain geographical areas. Register with a directory that covers your localisation as this is likely to boost traffic to the site.

Go for local PPC

As Pay Per Click remains an important SEO practice for lots of businesses, it’s clever to use geo-targeted PPC advertising for quick return on investment. When launching a local PPC campaign, remember to develop highly targeted landing pages for PPC ads. Optimising landing pages for Google’s Quality Score may help keep click prices lower.

Use SEO-friendly yellow web pages

A number of online yellow pages offer both paid and free listings. As free listings are usually limited to certain locations they may not drive much traffic, yet they are effective in building geographically advantageous backlinks.

As it is the local customer you’re trying to get on the hook, develop your Internet marketing campaign so that it’s easier for the potential buyer to find you. This is exactly where a traditional SEO campaign is not enough while localised SEO is a winning strategy.