Traditional Advertising for New Media Outlets

New media outlets have changed the way that businesses and other organizations interact with the public. Podcasts, blogs, social media accounts, viral videos, and other forms of new media allow for a greater degree of interaction between a business and their customers. Customers can quickly and effortlessly share their opinions about a business.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to patronize a business recommended by their friends, so maintaining a strong new media presence is essential for any modern business. Even though new media outlets have changed the way that business is done, a good ol’ traditional sign advertisement can still advance your brand through tried and true traditional advertising methods.

traditional sign advertisement
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What is Traditional Advertising and How can it Support New Media?

Traditional advertising primarily encompasses print, television, radio, and billboard ads. While it is possible to promote your new media presence on any of these alternatives, print advertising dovetails with new media very easily. Printing advertisements, signs, and banners are the most affordable traditional marketing options. You can incorporate design elements that would be familiar to your online customers into your printed signs. This provides a more streamlined and uniform look to your entire media presence.

Advertising, Promotion, and Outreach

Clearly traditional forms of advertising remain relevant even for businesses that operate primarily or exclusively online. You can use printed signs for all kinds of promotion and outreach. These are just some of the advertising venues that the material created by customized sign makers can be used for:

  • Newspaper and magazine advertising
  • Event sponsorship
  • Industry-specific publications
  • Community newsletters
  • Public bulletin boards
  • College and university campus news centers

The text you include on printed signs and fliers should direct people to your online outlets. Make sure to include all social media accounts as well as your primary website or blog. If there is space, include a QR code for your website or social media page. This allows people with smart phones to scan the code directly into their phones and access your sites directly. Scanning takes only seconds and can increase the unique traffic heading to your site.

Using Printed Signs and Fliers for Branding

You can use printed materials for more than just promotion and advertising; you can also use these items to further your company’s branding effort. Branding encompasses many tasks, all of which are geared towards presenting a consistent and memorable image to your customers. Packaging is a prime opportunity for branding. Stickers, postcards, business cards, and other branded items can often be purchased from the same printer that produces your paper signs. Vinyl sign makers may be able to produce some novel branded items to increase the appeal of your packaged goods. The importance of printed branding items should not be underestimated. Your online outlets should have a solid branded presence to make the customer experience a consistent one.

All traditional advertising mediums can be used to promote new media outlets, online stores, and other web-based points of customer interaction. It is important to include traditional advertising strategies when you think of ways to promote your new media presence. Printed signs, banners, fliers, and other items are an affordable and effective form of advertising. These items can also be used for branding and packaging.

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