Hottest Job Trends in 2014

With the baby boomers getting older and slowly leaving the workforce, the trend for jobs will change as the 20 and 30 somethings of the world start to make their way in the workforce and attempt to prove to these older workers that they have what it takes. There are some key trends that will evolve as this continues to happen.

Gen Y businessman
photo credit: Victor1558

Interviews will become real

Instead of the traditional interview where an employer asks a potential employer a list of questions, interviews will soon become more hands on and practical. Potential employees will be asked to roll up their sleeves at an interview and show how they complete tasks or will be asked to solve problems there and then and show how they will help a company get ahead.

Social Media and Google will be part of your Resume

Did you know that, according to, 92% of companies are using social media to spot qualified candidates for their job openings? Indeed, social media recruitment is a major trend right now and it’s only logical to focus on what you share in your social media accounts.

As the trend for every part of one’s life, from what they have for breakfast to where they go on holidays is traditionally photographed, uploaded onto Facebook or Instagram and then commented on by friends and family, it is only natural that employers will start using the web to research potential candidates. If a real estate agent can google someone to find out whether they are suitable to rent an apartment, so too can an employer wondering whether an applicant is the right person for the job.

More Businesses will Start Up

As the younger generation, who have grown up and been cultivated with a ‘can do anything’ attitude, many will decide rather than restrict or conform themselves to other people’s expectations and standards, they are more at ease starting up their own businesses and doing things their way. As a result of this, the trend for more people to use consultants rather than employ full time workers to do the same thing will increase.

Social Media Experts will Conquer

Most companies are aware that social media strategies are an essential part of any business nowadays. Therefore people who are highly competent in establishing these social media strategies and demonstrating to business owners how it will positively affect the bottom line are going to be highly in demand.

Mobile IT will be in Demand

Over the last decade, the world wide web has grown considerably but now it needs to move with the times and go mobile or otherwise it will become obsolete. Cloud based, mobile based and highly interactive web platforms, applications and storage facilities will need to be constantly developed so any workers who have high end skills in these IT abilities will be hotly sought after. They will also be highly compensated due to the demand and skills involved. A review of roles advertised on proves that not only are there lots of jobs in this field out there, they are paying higher than average salaries.

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Now over to you…

As you can see from the trends I mentioned above, social media and mobile technology are two leading factors you need to seriously consider in hiring.

Employers: Talents are tech-savvy and you, as the employer, need to be tech-savvy, too. Job-seekers: If you are someone who is looking for a truly rewarding job, you need to well-equip yourself with the necessary tech skills; don’t forget to do a series of spring cleaning on your social media profiles because, most likely, employers will “spy” on your social media activities.