Be More Proactive in Outlook with Visual Productivity by TaskCracker

However busy you are, you always need to check your priorities first and plan your daily goals carefully. At the same time, things are not getting done while you’re busy with planning. This means that your planning should take least time and be as efficient as possible. That is the task solved by TaskCracker add-in that enables visual task planning in your Outlook. The application can be run on your laptop, PC or tablet and operated with drag and drop or touch.


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Visual Outlook task management

As we perceive more information visually, there is no surprise we can estimate our workload more efficiently if we can see it in a form of a matrix where each mistake in planning can be quickly noticed before you end up with something important lost and forgotten by the end of the day. TaskCracker makes it possible not only to quickly detect problems in your planning, but also to re-organize your tasks in no time: simply drag and drop them around the interface and they get new deadline and priority that you can see even if you switch to other Outlook views.

Visual presentation of your Outlook tasks is another view where your tasks are spread over a visual matrix, depending on their deadline and priority. The matrix is built upon Eisenhower and Urgent/Important matrix methods which have been recognized as leading for task productivity and task planning over the past 20 years. The total productivity raise that can be obtained with the visual method application is up to 30%.

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Outlook productivity tips

TaskCracker makes it possible to apply different productivity techniques at the same time. The wise combination of them saves you time for more activity.

Zero inbox

Keep your inbox empty by sorting your emails. The emails that push you to action can be sent in your Outlook tasks and then treated like any other task in TaskCracker


No matter how long your to do list is, you can see your week in a form of a matrx and you can drop your tasks in the relevant cells. See how it works and move tasks around to obtain better optimization of your time.

Urgent/Important matrix

The Urgent/Important matrix is a part of strategic planning where you decide what to start is and which tasks to stick with. Drag and drop your tasks in priority cells as you feel it for each task, then take a look again at how your daily operations list has changed.

Benefits of the visual planning with TaskCracker

Visual planning method for Outlook with TaskCracker gives a number of benefits comparing to other methods.


Time you spend on prioritizing your tasks when you see them in the form of a list is considerably longer comparing to the time you spend when you arrange your tasks visually. And besides, the application is installed in literally no time (less than 30 seconds).


Let’s not forget that Outlook is a corporate tool. You have to stay behind corporate firewall and you cannot trust your data to any kind of third party service. TaskCracker is installed on your computer and doesn’t publish your tasks on web or keeps your data. All the tasks you’ve had in your Outlook before the application installation and, for example, after you uninstall the application, stay with you.


If you want to apply the new visual Outlook tasks method, the budget of its implementation will only equal the application purchase. There is no Cloud subscription and monthly payments. Besides, the free 30 days trial is free.

TaskCracker is a visual productivity solution for Outlook, ready to use and simple, with clean interface and drag and drop functionality that can be used on PC or tablet. Improve your productivity right now: download the application from