How Better Response to Your Human Resources Needs can Save Your Business

If I were to start yet another business service center today, I’d definitely use Comindware Tracker to help me ma manage the back-ends. Why?

About nine years ago I owned and manage two business service centers. At that time, I had to manage 18 employees – 2 store managers, 4 supervisors and 12 operational staffs.

To say the least, managing them was hectic. The paperwork was awfully aplenty and often overwhelming. Reviewing new hiring applications, managing leave of absence, managing performance, handling job terminations, handling taxes, and so on.

Buried in HR paperwork
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And those are just human resource management. There are so many others to take care of – business operations, marketing, negotiating… oh my.

To cut long story short, both stores were struggling and finally I need to closed them down due to many reasons. But one of the biggest reasons is the lackluster human resource management.

I end up hiring unfit candidates; performance and morale were low; absenteeism uncontrollable; and if you think that firing them is easy, think again: Compensations, paperwork, job/resource reallocations, considering new candidates….

To say the least, it was disastrous.

Here’s a lesson learned: Running a business is not easy. Buy you CAN make it easier by using the right system. You can start by managing your human resources better using the available tools.

Just like what I mentioned early in this article, if I were to start yet another business service center today, I’d definitely use Comindware Tracker. In my opinion, it is one of the best workflow management and business process management software out there, for many obvious reasons:

  • You can keep track of everything from a bird’s eye view.
  • You can build and edit your workflow visually.
  • You don’t have to do manual resource allocation – everything is done by the system automatically.
  • You can automate process and workflow.
  • Live reporting.
  • And probably the best thing of all, it’s cloud-based: You and your team can access it anytime, anywhere.

Comindware Tracker can help you manage virtually anything – this includes human resources.

Comindware HR hiring workflow

Indeed, Comindware’s human resources software enables you, the CEO or HR manager, to know what’s going on with your human resources and do the necessary action to keep everything HRM running smoothly.

What else you can do? Everything, really:

  • Allocating the right amount of work and assigning the right tasks to the right person.
  • Tracking list of vacancies, candidates and applicants, and everything that comes with it: Managing resumes and other documents, learning whether the candidates would be the best-fit for your business, and so on.
  • Tracking HRM activities, such as sick leaves, job termination steps and so on.
  • Brainstorming and managing document from the HR system – no more unnecessary meetings.

Comindware HR Managment software comes with pre-built HR workflow processes, which include hiring, leave of absence and terminations. You can, of course, create your own process to best-fit with your HR needs.

Comindware HR leave of absence workflow


It is necessary for you to manage your human resources well. The impact of mis-managing your HR is devastating – even more than you think. I know – I’ve been there: Bad HR management leads to bad performance, low morale and poor service.

I recommend you to give Comindware Tracker a try. The software can help you solve not only your HR problems, but also your other business processes and workflows. It’s free for 30 days – no catch.