The Best Work at Home Jobs (You Can Take Anywhere)

The Best Work at Home Jobs (You Can Take Anywhere)

Part of the allure of a work-at-home job is that you get to choose your hours, how much you’ll charge, and where you get to work (home….or the park?!). The latter of these three are especially appealing because there are so many of us that are dead tired of the 9-to-5 cubicle lifestyle.

So then what are some types of business that are able to be taken anywhere in the world? Which businesses do not require you to be tied down to one particular locale?

The following are a collection of ideas (and what’s needed for their operation) so you can break free from the cubicle position, set your hours/price, and live however your want from any location of choosing:

Web Designer

Web designer

A business needs a website if it plans to be relevant in this day and age. Yes, they can choose to use templates but smart business owners know that having a unique design can do wonders for their branding. As a web designer you are there from the ground up and all that’s needed is a keen eye for design, understanding of the various web platforms, and the ability to code. You can learn these skills from any number of design-related websites that offer complete tutorials and courses. To find web designer job offers, check out this remote job board.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy
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We’ve hit a point where stress and injury related to work are increasing. Massage therapy is becoming an excellent business opportunity because it requires so few vital items to get started. Besides the short amount of time needed for training, the other item you’d want to pick up to make your business flexible is a portable massage table, which is easy to move, very affordable, and lasts a good while due to durability. Once you have one of these tables, which will set you back between $100 – $700+, you’re open to do as you please with the business, whether it’s setting up shop at your house or even taking it on the road.

Language Tutor

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Language is a fast-track to having the ability to work anywhere in the world (and in many different fields). The easiest to break into is a language tutor which can be done online through the use of programs like Skype. Once you command a mastery of the language you can then seek clients and shape your courses however you see fit (and even niche it based on the type of language they’d like to learn like business, slang, and others).

Social Media Manager

Social media manager

The amount of social networks are starting to get out of hand and this becomes increasingly apparent when you see small businesses trying to get their start on the platforms and have trouble making it work. You, on the other hand, probably have plenty of experience with many social platforms. As a social media manager you’ll help craft and implementing a social media strategy for the businesses. Clients are plentiful if you offer the right skills and services. Setup a website offering your skills, scan the job boards for opportunities, and pitch the small businesses.



At this very moment there is someone fresh trying to get their start. As a consultant you can provide your expertise and knowledge in many different formats such as directly over the phone, via email newsletter, video conferencing, or in person. A consultant can make big bucks, from anywhere, depending on the topic and the industry. All that’s needed, on your end, is to distill that knowledge and expertise into a marketable service.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketer

With a website, email list, and social media you can produce content and discussions about your interests and then pair up with providers of the products and services, as an affiliate, so you earn a cut for every sale you send their way. The easiest way to get a start is through Amazon’s Associate program which gives you access to every product listed on Amazon. Place in your affiliate links on the products you’re reviewing, sit back as people click and buy, and you’re now on your way to earning the big bucks through affiliate marketing.

Think it’s tough? Not really.

Many of these positions take little more than a few months of practice and portfolio building. In fact, many of the skills needed to provide these services are ones which you may learn from your current position depending on your industry.

All that it takes is your drive to go off on your own and provide these services to the end user rather than through your employer. Find that drive and you should have no trouble starting a business of your own from anywhere in the world.

Tara Miller

Tara Miller is an experienced writer. She owns and runs a copywriting business.