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5 Excellent Advantages Website-builders Offer for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Thanks to website-builders, nowadays entrepreneurs and business owners can quickly establish an online presence with a few simple clicks. The Website-builder from 1and1 is free and very easy for starts-ups and small businesses. It offers all sets of tools to create a successful website for businesses and professional services of all kinds.

Here are the top five advantages website-builders bring to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Website builder

Creating customer-centric websites

Website-builders offer a wide choice of professional templates, featuring industry-specific texts and images. This will enable businesses to effortlessly pick a design that best suits their goals, vision and target audience. Also, these website-builders will seamlessly incorporate a range of essential features such as blogs, contact forms, download function, RSS Feed, visitor counter and guestbook, allowing businesses to establish a good rapport with their customers.

Easy ways to add, edit and manage content

Constantly updating the website and publishing blog posts is one of the key factors to attract more audience. Ideally, a great website-builder will help business owners to edit, update and post text, images and videos in just a few easy clicks. Some of the best website builders will even allow businesses to create multimedia presentations and add online product catalogues without any additional software installation.

Integration of social media platforms

Social media have evolved into powerful marketing tools for businesses to reach more customers. Understanding this latest trend, website-builders feature simple drag and drop interfaces that can easily synchronize social media such as Facebook and Twitter with the website, enabling instant communication with customers

Higher search engine rankings

Website-builders mostly provide tools and tips that will guide businesses to optimize the websites in such way that they get higher search engine rankings. These website-builders might even add websites to local search listings such as Google Maps to draw the right audience for businesses.

Sell products/services to a wider audience

To sell products and services, website-builders must provide the possibility to integrate secure payment options like PayPal. In fact, nowadays website-builders even provide simple ways to take advantage of popular distribution platforms like Amazon and sell products in just a few clicks. They will also offer tools like Site Analytics to understand the customers and optimize the content to gain wider reach.


Using the right website builder means that you are off to a great start.  Like everything else in business, a great start can help making your entire journey a more pleasant (and profitable!) experience.

With that being said, please note that, as easy as it may seem, you need to remember that building a site is just one part of the story.  You need content to attract visitors and search engine bots alike, and you need to promote your website in order to get found online.

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