How to Grab Your Target Market’s Attention with Your Epic Brand Marketing (Infographic)

Today, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to get their target market’s attention. The “old school” ways of marketing are increasingly ineffective (e.g. billboards) and the “new school” ways of marketing are increasingly competitive (e.g. social media marketing.)

Just like what Gary Vaynerchuk has said over and over again, marketers and business owners need to stop doing marketing like it was a decade ago. Today, it’s about engaging your target market on a personal level and delight them with the value you offer.

Gary Vaynerchuk quote on marketing tactics and strategy

With that being said, shoving your ads or sales messages on the face of your target market won’t work. Fortunately, showing your consistent brand messages and offering valuable stuffs that delight your target market still work wonders.

So, how to get your brand on top of your audience’s mind? This infographic might be able to help you; The infographic published by Promotional Plus can give you some insights on how to make your brand and marketing campaign memorable.

Check it out:

Memorable marketing guide infographic
This Infographic was created by Promotional Plus

To recap, here’s what you should do to make your brand and marketing memorable:

  • Choose the right main color for your brand, and make sure your brand identity and every marketing material you have sport the same color, as color increases brand recognition and perceptions.
  • Your target market is on social media. Your job is to discover where they hang out in, and tailor your effort according to the particular social media platforms. You can’t just do the same marketing tactics for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. That would be a waste of your marketing budget.
  • As you are competing for attention, make sure your audience remembers your brand more than the rest. How? Personally engage your customers. Answer their questions. Address their concerns. Make sure you respond in timely manner.
  • Strengthen your effort with real-world products in the form of promotional items. This “old school” method is still working like charm. Why? They enforce your branding efforts. People do remember it when they receive a promotional item; what’s more, most people keep them for years!


Today, marketers and business owners need to view marketing as a holistic campaign, consisting of both online and offline marketing activities. If you do it right, the activities are enforcing one another. which result in more effective marketing campaigns.

So, how about you? Please share your ways in making your brand and marketing memorable.