Giving Digital Readers a Try

Just about everyone has heard of the eBook craze (unless he or she has been living under under a rock). The 21st century is abounding with both praise and debate concerning the continuing trend of reading literature by way of digital devices that are specifically designed to display book formats; according to this research most people today have developed a taste for digital books.

Missed the memo about the eBook trend? No worries. Digital literature can best be described as a book that is downloaded onto a device in an electronic format. Devices range from computers to smart phones; however, the most popular devices for eBooks include quality tablets such as the Samsung NOOK. PCs, Macs, personal laptops, and PDAs are also sometimes used for the downloading of digital literature.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook
photo credit: Harrison Weber

Digital books are just like “real books” minus the paper. They are comprised of numbered pages, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, and other content pieces that are typically included in traditionally printed books.

The Download Process

Downloading ebooks is an incredibly easy process thanks to the web; in fact, purchasing an ebook is much like purchasing any other product online. The key difference is that a given purchase arrives in digital format via the computer instead of arriving on the doorstep in a traditional “hardcopy” format. After clicking the download button and confirming the purchase via email, most people can simply download the eBook or eBooks to whichever folder they prefer. The best part? No online access is required to read eBooks after they have been downloaded onto the given device. Ebooks have many benefits, and there are plenty of reasons to at least give the digital reading experience a try. Take a look at the information below to learn more.

Instant Access

As mentioned above, eBooks are transferred to digital readers through a series of downloads. This is a huge benefit for those who are craving a particular read immediately because once an eBook is purchased, it can be downloaded at lightning speed. Most people do not even have to get up from their favorite easy chair in order to start reading a new best seller. No more last minute trips to the bookstore or unfortunately long estimated shipping dates. Say hello to instantly accessible literature.

iPad and Kindle E-reader
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The “Green” Choice

Everyone has heard about the “go green” movement. Choosing to purchase books digitally may save thousands of trees because eBooks use few or little natural resources.. Those who are not keen on the idea of unnecessarily killing trees and depleting forests may have found the perfect solution in digital literature.

Space Savers

Every book worm has probably asked him or herself this question at one time: “how many books can I fit in my suitcase?” When family vacation, business trips, or other journeys are on the horizon, it can be difficult to choose which books to take and even more difficult to cram said books into a limited packing space. Ebooks provide the perfect solution for those who find themselves in a similar situation. With one single device, an individual can access hundreds of books. Great literature without the weight? Yes please.


Most eBooks contain a variety of links, references, and many other useful reference information. For instance, those who are reading a book on Freudian psychology may be able to easily jump from a sentence in a book to a related authoritative website link within seconds – and all without worrying about losing the page they were on. Digital literature often contains small reference marks so that readers can easily flip between the “sources cited” pages and the text itself.

Kindle E-reader 3
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Easy Searches

If a person forgets to highlight or paperclip an interesting page for future reference, it can be nearly impossible to relocate the information needed in a traditional book format. Ebooks, however, were designed for simple and instantaneous searches. One can simply enter keywords to find occurrences within the text. No more endless page turning.

Interactive Capabilities

Ebooks are especially popular among educators due to their ability to provide interactive material. Audio, video, and various animations may actually enhance a message more than was previously possible with print books. To make a long story short, eBooks can get an author’s point across far more effectively than traditionally printed literature – especially when the audience is made up of young people.

No Shipping Fees

Not only do eBooks arrive far more quickly than books ordered in a hard format, but they also arrive without any extra cost for shipping. The magic of the internet allows books to show up in an instant without any sort of “express” fee.

Font Adjustments

Those who prefer reading large print know how difficult it can be to locate interesting books with the appropriate font size. Ebooks are unique in that any kind of book can be transformed into a “large print” book with a single adjustment. Those who have disabilities or simply prefer visually larger text often find digital books to be incredibly helpful. Ebooks can even be turned into “read aloud” audio books with the right kind of software.


Those who have never enjoyed the digital reading experience may be surprised at how useful and advantageous the entire process is. Book lovers everywhere are enjoying the benefits of book-friendly tablets. Give it a try today.