Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Take your Business Telephony to the Cloud with VoIPstudio

Physical location is no longer relevant in the business world today. The day where business can be done anytime, anywhere has come. You can now do what Tim Ferriss can do – travel the world, work anywhere and anytime you want, and craft your business around your life – with the help of the right technology.

In this article, I will talk about your business telephony system and why I recommend VoIPstudio as the telephony service to choose.

A business woman using business telephone system

Yes, you can now run your business anywhere

The internet has enabled entrepreneurs to add more flair to their businesses. If physical office, suit and tie, or office politics doesn’t suit you, you can just make your business operation location independent.

You see, it’s nothing new, really: A decade ago, an entrepreneur can go mobile with their mobile devices, working on projects, replying emails and do video conferencing. But that’s just the beginning.

The boom in mobile and cloud technology has lower the barrier for entrepreneurs to do business and collaborate with their team members in the cloud, using their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Take me as a case study: I personally run my business in the cloud – thanks to the tech advances! Not a single one of my team members reside in the same country, and we have actually never met in person (we could if we want to, though.) I am location independent, and I can manage my business from any parts of the world, as long as I have access to a reliable Internet connection.

Sounds good? There’s more good news for you: The boom has also impacted what were challenging aspects of your business operation, like business telephony.

Business telephony: No more wires or odd phones!

Yes, the day where you need to hire someone to wire for your PBX system in your office is over. You can now setup a virtual PBX system that works like the good old PBX system, but without the physical limitations.

Even better, the mobile and cloud technology have enabled you to host your PBX system in the cloud and access it using any computing devices – wherever you are, whenever you want.

Customer support using VoIPstudio cloud PBX

Enter cloud PBX

Cloud PBX refers to hosted PBX system that resides in the cloud (read: on the Internet). The web-based system literally allows you to take or make calls using your mobile devices, incorporating the latest VoIP technology. Not only that, the system functions like what traditional PBX do: You can setup extension numbers, enable call queueing, setting-up time-based routing and more.

Yes, your ‘front desk’ staffs also have the same perks as you are: They can take calls wherever they are – plus, they have access to what traditional reception desks can do: Call waiting and call forwarding.

What you only need to have is a reliable broadband Internet access, and your contact won’t notice the difference in the communication process, including the call quality.

Feeling intrigued? Let me recommend you VoIPstudio.

Please note that I’m not selling anything here. Just a recommendation from a user who is impressed with the system’s flexibility and ease of use.

VoIPstudio: Easy to use, easy to setup cloud PBX system

You see, getting started in cloud telephony is not as hard as you think – at least in VoIPstudio’s case. You can start using your telephony system in 5 minutes flat.

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Sign up
  2. Take the 30-day free trial with no commitment – choose any plan you want; you can change it later
  3. Confirm your credentials
  4. Enter the dashboard
  5. Start setting up and making calls

That’s all!

Once you logged in, you will see a dashboard. If this is your first time, you will see a tooltip. Make sure you use the tooltip to learn more about the dashboard; it’s very useful.

Admin panel - VoIPstudio

As you can see, the dashboard features everything you need for your business telephony: Your phone number, setting up call extensions, voicemail lists, call history and contact list. You can make/take calls right from the dashboard, as well as sending SMS or make a web call. You can also manage conference rooms, a feature for group conversation.

The dashboard looks a bit intimidating at first, but hey – it’s called a ‘dashboard’ for a reason: You can have a bird’s eye view over your telephony system. In minutes, you’ll get used to it, and actually find it useful for the features to be located in a single view.

Need some call stats? There you go:

Call stats screenshot

In Reception mode, you can do what you expect a PBX can do: Call waiting (with music on hold,) call forwarding, IVR (interactive voice recording,) and many more – all easily configurable from your dashboard.

Reception Console screenshot

Perhaps the most important add-on feature that is often neglected by other solutions is the fact that customer support is accessible from every part of your dashboard.

Support screenshot

You can access all of the above affordably, starting from EUR3.99/user/month – upgrade/downgrade as you wish, anytime you want; no contract, no hassle.

More info on features | More info on pricing

I conclude…

If you are about to embark your lifestyle entrepreneurship journey, be sure you well-equip yourself with the right tools and adopt the right technology. So far, mobile and cloud tech change the whole game. You can do finance, marketing, procurement, communication, etc. with anyone regardless of your physical location.

In business telephony, cloud PBX solution like VoIPstudio enables you to serve your customer better – with flexibility. You can oversee and manage your team from your dashboard. Want to coordinate and orchestrate? Just use the conference rooms. Want a quick call? Just use the web call function, and you can start conversing over the Internet – without the roaming charges.

Flexibility, coupled with a simple, yet powerful system, can offer many upsides to your business, especially in term of customer service.

I recommend you to take the 30-day free trial offer so you can find out whether VoIPstudio is the right solution for your business or not.

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