5 Unique B2B Promotional Item Ideas for Creative Small Businesses

Do you love promotional items? I know I do. One of the highlights of my visit to trade events and expositions is the swag. It’s not that I collect those things; it’s because they can give me some ideas on how keep my brand on top of people’s mind.

Mini Sopwith Camel LEGO promotional item
photo credit: InSapphoWeTrust / Flickr

In B2B, promotional items play an even bigger role: Your items can open up a partnership opportunity, and can potentially lead you to a long, fruitful partnership. I received one, and it’ already months ago, but I still can’t forget the name of the company that sends it for me. We are partners, and although it’s not due to the swag, it helps enforcing the brand.

You see, branding a swag is not easy. Sure, a fountain pen with your logo on it is a classic, but you often need something different to get your brand image ‘sticky’ in your potential partner’s subconscious mind.

If you are looking for ideas, here’s one: Try promotional items that involve print design. But not your typical printed items, though; instead of T-shirts, fountain pens, brochures and the typical others, combining printed materials with your business-related products or services, and turn them into B2B promotional items can offer you fantastic branding results.

Our friends at Sovereign Print, a specialist in high-quality printed goods for every business request and requirement, share their ideas in creating an unforgettable promotional item ideas. Here are five of them:

1. Promotional Candy – yum!

Carolina Pad promotional item
Via Behance

As a teaser to their bag line in 2012/2013, Carolina Pad’s promotional item features a line of candy jars. Each candy is wrapped by printed patterns that are actually the patterns found in the bag line.

2. A complete set of promotional items

Garbeo promotional item
Via The Dieline

As I mentioned above, I’ve received something similar, and it’s awesome. Why settle for one kind of promotional item when you can give your (potential) partners the whole set?

The printed promotional items from Garbeo features well-branded screen-printed T-shirt and tote bag. You can also get logo stickers custom-made.

3. Featuring design – using popsicles

Farm Creative Studio promotional item
Via Behance

Okay – you participate in an outdoor trade show, and you need something that will attract people – potentially future clients or partners. What would you offer? How popsicles sound?

Farm Creative Studio shows their design expertise in a different way: Locally-produced popsicles that are branded by the company brand color, beautiful printed materials, bold graphics, cooler containers – all are using sophisticated printing techniques.

4. Paper plane, anyone?

Hydro plane promotional item
Via Designspiration

Featuring your product as your promotional item is probably the best way you can do. A French paper company crafted a promo item in teh form of a paper plane called “hydro plane” that is created by their own french paper products.

5. Paper crafts for DIY fans

Play Fruit promotional item
Via Mr Printables

Quite similar to the paper plane, but this promotional item isn’t feature the company’s own product. Instead, the company focuses on the DIY side. Giving away the paper crafts – branded, of course – will entice the recipients to spend some time making it – and let them be exposed to your brands.

The Play Fruit Paper Toy by Mr. Printables is not originally a promotional item, but it serves as a great idea that you can apply for your small business.

Over to you

Great ideas are everywhere – start your search and use the idea that is well-suited with your company’s niche and identity.

So, what’s your favorite from the ideas above? Have you found something that is as interesting, even more interesting? Please share with us!