How to Fly on Private Jet Charters at Affordable Business Prices

A spacious cabin area, dining space, extra comfortable seating and no lengthy immigration queues. Private jet charters are flying at their luxurious peak and it’s easy to see why. For business travellers especially, long international flights are a necessary evil for their expanding business but often that means cramped commercial flights.

Businesswomen working in a private jet

Brands, even smaller companies and startups, are increasingly working as international business because they simply cannot afford to have their slice of the international market.

The downside for the frequent fliers is that even business class seating on commercial flights are about as comfortable as travelling by long haul bus. Without space to relax or room to work, they aren’t able to make the most of their time.

Because time means money for you and your business, many are looking for superior travel but at a cost that they can reason to their accountants. Surprisingly, private charters may have the answer thanks to a few industry tips and tricks courtesy of specialist private jet and helicopter charter company, Bespoke Air Charter.

Look For Last Minute Flights Or Empty Legs

Anyone hoping for a cheaper holiday can tell you that you can get fantastic last minute deals. Commercial jet companies like EasyJet are famed for their low cost deals, but these cost-effective flights come with all the downsides of discomfort and scary in-flight meals.

Last minute flights, also known as next day flights on private jets, are one way that you might be able to get better for less. However, these can be an impractical way to travel if you want to have all your business flights booked ahead of time.

What a private jet charter company might offer you instead is empty leg charters. Empty legs occur when a one way flight is booked. Because the jet has to make the return journey anyway, it is offered out to another party at a reduced rate. When booking with a private charter company, rather than an individual, they liaise with multiple potential pilots and airports to find the best empty leg deals based on your requirements.

The main stipulation with empty legs however is that they will often have fixed take off times and locations. If you are flexible with leaving within a few days and don’t mind travelling from a smaller airport then empty leg charters may work for you.

Make Bulk Bookings For The Year

If your business regularly needs to send team members abroad throughout the year then you will be able to take advantage of bulk booking discounts.

Private charter companies, like any larger and luxury brands, reward loyalty. By working with the same company over a longer period of time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of private jets with spending as much as you thought.

The more flights you need to book in advance, the better. Additionally, if you are travelling with a team you may be able to negotiate a smaller plane suited to your team size and make shorter international flight part of your working day.

Business team on a private jet

Hire A Whole Small Jet For Your Team

When hiring out a whole private jet, rather than just a seat, you can create a mobile office space. With onboard wifi, excellent catering and lounge facilities, you will be able to hold meetings and allow your team to work individually in comfortable, personal surroundings.

Jeff Trance, of US based jet charter company Air Partner, advises that a group of seven or fewer will give you access to cheaper, smaller jets. For example, you may be able to fly for $200 per person on a Bomdaier Learjet 45XR. If you have a larger team, the next typical size of jet doubles your passenger number to 14/15 persons.

Though it isn’t as familiar a route as commercial flights, there are a few ways to fly on private jets at affordable business prices. It requires some tact and a willingness to be flexible, however, the benefits are enormous. From superior catering and a relaxing cabin, to missing the board control queues and creating a mobile office space. Most importantly, you will have happy, rested and ready to work employees at the other end of their flight.