Brilliant Ways to Draw in The Crowd This Summer (The Australian Cafe Edition)

As the Australian summer comes into full bloom, more Australians will be heading out to socialise in restaurants and cafes. The summer months presents a great commercial opportunity for cafes to welcome patrons to enjoy themselves socially at your shop.

There are a few clever ways to draw in more patrons to your café. We recommend the following.

Customer using mobile phone in cafe in Australia

Dedicate your café to serving high quality coffee

Before you do any type of promotion to draw more customers to your coffee shop, you need to serve your customers amazing coffee. Great tasting coffee will keep your customers coming back and will gain you more customers through your business’s referrals. To achieve this, you need to:

Partner with a good coffee roaster

Choosing the right coffee roaster will make a huge difference to the performance of your business. You will need to find a roaster that can provide good quality coffee beans and roast those beans to perfect the taste.

Invest in a good shop coffee roaster

Alternatively, you can purchase or lease a shop coffee roaster for your establishment. Popular coffee café establishments such as Monmouth in London are famous for providing excellent coffee that they roast on their business’s premises. Your coffee shop can do the same by purchasing a shop coffee roasting machine. The machine provides freshly roasted coffee that is infused into your shops coffee brews. Additionally, the freshly roasted coffee aroma is in your shop and can attract the attention of passers by.

Invest in a good coffee barista

Skilled coffee baristas know how to deliver premium coffee to customers. As Australians fork out up to $5 for a single coffee, they want to know that the coffee that they are paying for is good in taste and presentation. Skilled coffee baristas are dedicated to their craft and will orchestrate the magnetism to draw in loyal coffee customers.

Barista at a popular coffee shop

Hire a vibrant team of people

The people that operate in your café represent your coffee brand. Ensure that you hire energetic, happy, passionate people that can share their positive energy with your patrons and improve their experience.

Create a nice aesthetic environment

The environment where your patrons will consume their coffee is a big factor. As the weather warms up, people will want to enjoy their coffee experience in outdoor areas where they can feel the breeze, but not be overwhelmed by the harshness of the sun. Café blinds such as Ziptrak blinds allows cafés to create a welcoming outdoor area for their establishment.

Use loyalty cards

Get your customers coming back for more by offering loyalty reward cards. Offer complimentary coffees or cakes for their repeat loyalty with your coffee shop. You may find that they bring others that decide to join your loyalty program as well, thus expanding your café’s coffee crowd.

Create buzz by offering samples

Samples may be a way to get people to come into your coffee shop, but it is certainly a way to get them to experience and spread the awareness of your coffee brand. When people taste your samples, they will associate their coffee experience with your café. This may put your café at the front of their mind (which is great for your café’s branding) and encourage return visits and recommendations.

Promote your café

Ultimately, you need to engage in some marketing promotion activity if you want to draw people to your café. Word of mouth works, however you can also provide special offers to local businesses, do leaflet drops and direct marketing in your café’s local area to boost customers. And, oh – don’t leave out social media. Please.

Host events at your café

Add an interesting dynamic to your coffee shop by hosting different themed events. Invite people to meet up and watch sporting events like cricket matches or invite book clubs or interest groups to meet at your café.

Café shops have the opportunity to draw large crowds over the summertime. With these ideas, you should get people lining up outside of your café door.

What are you waiting for? Get into it now!