Online Business Idea: A Tyre Comparison Portal Makes Best Tyre Search a Breeze

Love automotive and want to start an online business, but want to get started in a niche, instead of the typical car review blog, online auto dealership, and so on? If so, here’s an idea for you: Starting a tyre comparison portal.

Tyre? Indeed.

The main point of contact between your car and the road, tyres are undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of your steam. Any problem here could mean serious disaster for your wheel and you have to be really cautious while getting tyres for your car.

Tyre comparison site screenshot

Those are a couple of the things which makes a tyre comparison site important – and helpful – for consumers. Read on to explore more on the opportunity.

What is a tyre comparison portal?

Tyre comparison portal is a relatively new concept across the automobile sector and has been introduced to make your tyre comparison a breeze.

When you search for tyre dealers randomly, a fair share of search does not produce the best results and hence is wastage of time for you. But, a tyre comparison company online will relieve you from wasting time at various tyre dealers by fishing out only the most suitable dealers around your locality.

Gone are the days when you had to leave all your domestic or professional chores to hop from one tyre dealer to another to find the best tyre for your steam. With a tyre compare company, you can easily go on with your daily duties while the company handles the search-work for you.

How does a tyre compare portal work?

A tyre compare portal has a very intelligent and smart operation process. You would just have to enter your tyre or car details on the site. You can even upload a photo of your tyre for a clearer view and better search by the company. That’s all and it takes no more than 60 seconds!

Tyre comparison options screenshot

Based on your entered details, the comparison company would start scanning the local tyre dealers around your locality and would turn up with a list of compatible quotes for you. A glimpse at the list will assure a handy comparison and in no time you would come up with the best compatible tyre quote for your car. It’s a free service and the tyre compare portal will not take a penny for finding the quotes for you.

Your chosen tyre store or dealer would itself contact you while you relax at your den.

Get started

First and foremost, you need to understand how things work, not only on your side, but also on your users’ side.

As a site owner, you should adopt the model of search portal and tyre shop combo: Not only users can search and compare tyre on your site, but they can also buy tyre from your site. To turn that into reality, you should connect with tyre suppliers and see whether they are interested in a partnership. Furthermore, you need to understand the technicalities of tyres, in such a way that you can break down the features into categories, which are searchable and comparable by your site users – e.g. the make, size, etc.

How things go on your users’ side? The common practice here is to hop around different tyre portals physically or online to come up with the best and cheap tyres for your 4-wheeler. But, it’s busy world today that hardly spares time for prolonged tyre hopping from various stores and this is where a tyre compare portal comes up as your handy aide.

Tyre shop owner

Value-adding services

Don’t forget that your comparison sites are aplenty on the Internet. It’s a necessity to separate yourself from the rest. For a tyre compare portal, offering value-adding services, like fitting assistance, can make a difference.

Your customers would be glad to know that a tyre comparison portal does not just help with best tyre dealer quotes but are flexible to assist in tyre fitting as well. In fact, having your platform to handle the entire process for your customers – including supply fitting & balancing of the tyres – means that you are making it more difficult for your customers NOT to buy from you.


A tyre compare portal site can offer you a lucrative income potential – if you can separate yourself from the rest. You can do so through exclusive partnerships, innovative tyre comparison tools, and helpful value-adding services.

So, are you ready to start a tyre comparison portal?