Are You Looking for Backlinking Strategies that Work? Here is a Guide to Help You

A high quality backlink can improve your business website’s visibility by pushing it at the top of Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). It is important to have the best links pointing back to your website, because high quality backlinks, particularly on popular websites, can greatly improve and reward your Search Engine Optimization Efforts.

The nature of the incoming links will determine how Google and consumers look at your website. To Google, high quality backlinks means your website is providing useful information to your user base (readers). To consumers out there, high quality inbound linking is a clear indication that your product or service is exactly what they should take an interest in.

Backlinking strategy

Apparently, Google really trusts websites with backlinks from authority and high-ranking websites. According to Moz, Google always reward websites with healthy links, especially those form popular and trusted sources. And more high quality links more and more visitors’ hits on your website.

Be warned, though, that the way you acquire your links matter. If you get caught, buying links that pass value will get your business website penalized by Google.

The question is what are the most effective – and safest – backlinking strategies to use?

Using social networking websites

Social media websites have not only has a significant impact on how we meet, communicate and interact with friends and family members, but also changed the way we do business online. A large percentage of website traffics come from social networking websites. Facebook, for instance, is the most popular social networking website in the world. Because it has more than 700 million unique visitors a day, it makes a perfect platform to create your backlink.

But Facebook isn’t the only popular social networks on the internet. Other services include LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Using any of these social platforms is fairly simple. All you need to do is to create a social network account, and write a good bio about you or your business and include your website’s link in the bio section of the article.

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Do Article marketing (read: guest posting)

Article marketing is one of the most popular techniques for getting high quality backlinks. The strategy involves writing high quality, relevant content and submitting them in high quality article directories. Remember, each article directory has different writing guidelines. It is important to keep in mind these writing guidelines so that your content doesn’t get rejected. Your article may not be the best piece ever written in the history of internet, but it must have a good flow, accurate spelling and zero grammatical mistakes.

With the multiple Google algorithm updates, along with the fact that most article directories are cesspool of spam, it seems that the impact of article marketing is less and less significant.  But unlike what many want you to believe, it’s not dead; it’s only evolving: Guest posting is the new article marketing.

With guest posting, you need to “level up” in your content quality.  You can no longer publish gibberish posts that contain your links – like what many did with their article marketing campaigns involving article directories.  You need to provide value, and if you’re good enough, the website owners that you target will publish your content.

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Content is king

You can buy backlinks on Fiverr (or hire an SEO specialist, instead)

It’s official: Buying links are bad.  However, buying services that can help you acquire link aren’t.  Either way, backlink acquisition is still the backbone of any SEO tactics, and as a business website owner, you should get educated when it comes to properly executing your strategy – and stay safe (or at least under the radar), or else.

You already know Fiverr by now; we shouldn’t dwell so much on site description. At this point, the only thing you need to know is you can buy a service from Fiverr for only $5.  Virtually any services that you can think off; and there are rare gems on Fiverr that can help you build and grow your business – including SEO-ing your business website for better search engine exposure.

However, be careful with Fiverr, because there are both safe and dangerous service providers who can add value to your website or destroy your reputation respectively. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you use two types of SEO service providers on the platform: authority website owners who will post your content (that contains your links) on their blogs or websites and sellers who can post your links to high PR websites, usually in the form of profile links or comment links.

And yes, unlike what many would try to convince you the otherwise, those seemingly puny tactic still works and offer stellar ROI.


When it comes to link building, you – the business website owner – should decide how to approach it: Will you use the safest possible tactics? Will you take more risk for more gain? It’s yours to decide.

One thing for sure, the cold hard truth about backlink acquisition is that no matter how careful you are in doing it, you’re still exposed to some level of risks. Try search the web for this controversial case back in 2014.

Now over to you: What is your choice of backlinking tactic? Why? Please share your thoughts.