Frugal Business Travel Tips: How to Stretch the Budget

Frugal Business Travel Tips: How to Stretch the Budget

Saving money and traveling seems like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, lots of businessmen do it without breaking a sweat. Would you like to know how they do it?

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Build Your Template

There are a lot of free travel policy templates out there on the web. For example, some templates will show you how to get low cost or discounted business-class plane tickets, free meals at hotels, and list ways to save on transportation at your destination.

Use them to craft your own policy and remind of all of the things that you can get for free while your travel. Sometimes, the reason we don’t save money is because we simply forget about things that can save us money. In that sense, the secret is there is no secret. Just keep a running log of all of the things that have saved you money in the past, that have saved others money, and things that are known to be free like…

Free Breakfast

This is something that more businesses should take advantage of, but don’t. Most hotels now offer free breakfast as standard. Years ago, this was a luxury item. Today, it’s something hotels have to offer or they’ll lose customers. If you happen to hit on a hotel that doesn’t offer free breakfast for some reason, avoid booking with them.

You should be able to get at least a continental breakfast out of the deal. And, many hotels offer much more than that. In fact, some hotel chains offer biscuits and gravy, or a full breakfast, complete with bacon, eggs, and fruit.

Load up and get your belly full. While you usually aren’t allowed to take food with you outside of the hotel, you can usually eat as much as you want, buffet style. Eat enough that you won’t be hungry for lunch. That means lots of protein and some fat. Don’t overload on carbs.

Besides, meat and fat are expensive macronutrients. Ever try ordering a steak at a restaurant? It’s the most expensive item on the menu. So, fill up on the expensive foods and leave the cheap stuff for when you have to go out to eat and pay with your own money.

You can also save some money by using a marriott rewards premier credit card. And, if you stay at the Marriott, and you end up booking with them often, you’ll end up on their premier member list and get free stays after so many paid bookings.

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Designate A Travel Manager

If you don’t have the budget for a full-time assistant, you can hire a part-timer from a freelancing website like Upwork or hire a virtual assistant who can help you with your planning.

You will have to pay them a reasonable rate, but this is usually much less than a full-time staff member, and you won’t have to pay benefits, like health insurance, vacation time, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, or retirement benefits.

Take Advantage Of Happy Hour

Happy hour isn’t just for booze. You can sometimes get really cheap appetizers, too. Fill up on the nuts and the low-cost pre-meals. These will either be free or discounted. You may have to purchase some alcohol to get the deal, but that’s OK. As long as you drink slowly, you should be fine – especially if you’re eating fatty foods.

Once you’re done filling up on the free and low-cost stuff, you can order your meal, which can be small now since you’re not as hungry. Ask the concierge at your hotel about nearby restaurants that have good happy hour specials.

Alternatively, ask about early bird specials. Early bird deals are usually associated with the older crowd, but there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of them too. Find restaurants that cater to an older crowd. These restaurants have cheaper menu items, and they also discount their food to be inline with what seniors expect, price-wise. Usually, you have to eat early – 4PM or earlier – to get the deals. But, they’re usually worth it.

Get Discounts And Coupons

Before the wheels touch down in town, find discount coupons for everything from meals to attractions in the city. Make sure you stock up on coupons and use them liberally. When you get to the hotel, you’ll probably find a display in the lobby that’s filled with brochures for local businesses. Those are usually there to appeal to tourists. But, you can also find some really great deals in there. Don’t be afraid to take more than one brochure or coupon booklet if you’ll be in town for a few days – especially if there are some restaurants in there you think you might want to eat at.

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