Conference Calling Makes Doing Business Easier is an award-winning conferencing service that brings you all the conferencing tools you’ll find in a corporate boardroom, including web-based call management and screen sharing, right to your PC, Mac or smart device.

The days of having to rely on clunky, often unreliable services like Skype and their constantly evolving fee structure are long gone. With Conference Calling, all features and costs are laid out in plain sight. They don’t believe in burying details in the fine print. homepage screenshot

Ready When You Are

The only thing your callers will need is the conference line number and unique access code to initiate a conference call. During the call, everyone will know exactly who is talking and who’s muted; the names of the active speakers are displayed on the conference screen. This conferencing service is fully automated and ready to activate on-the-fly, as needed.

Just a few of the features offered during your calls include:

  • Ability to create a custom greeting of your own to welcome callers, or take advantage of their operator-assist service (see overview further down the page).
  • Use the screen sharing feature to share important documents, images and videos with participants.
  • Manage callers and see who is talking and who is on mute with the easy-to-use web controls in your conferencing dashboard.
  • Set up your account with defaults such as on-hold music, and call entry and exit tones, to give your callers the most professional, customized conferencing experience possible.

When you sign up for a Conference Calling plan, you’ll be given your own unique dial-in information to use every time you need to make a conference call. The features are easy-to-use and totally configurable from one call to the next. manage calls screenshot

For instance, if you have a high profile call to make and your callers don’t want to be recorded, you can turn off that feature with the push of a button. Or mute callers instantly before they divulge a big company secret!

You as the host have all the control of your calls.

Skilled, Experienced Operators Available to Assist Any Way They Can

Conference Calling’s push-button service goes above and beyond a simple web-based conferencing service. The value becomes obvious the first time you try their innovative operator-assisted calling feature. Specially trained operators are always available to work behind the scenes to keep all your important conference calls flowing.

Young businessman doing conference call

Features include:

  • Greet attendees and verify their invitation to the call before bringing them in.
  • Introduce new attendees by name to the group.
  • Handle interactions between attendees, including Q&A sessions.
  • Send you complete call attendance list after the call.
  • Transcribe audio into easy-to-read notes.
  • Ability to scale a meeting from just a few attendees to up to 10,000 participants (requires advanced scheduling).

The best thing about using a dedicated web-based conferencing tool is the seamless ability to instantly set up a conference call without any hassles getting in the way.

Conference Calling’s instant and affordable plans allow for up to 50 callers at once, while the company also offers a pay-per-use plan that can accommodate up to 300 international callers without any prescheduling.

Try Conference Calling Risk Free and See for Yourself

There’s nothing worse than purchasing an app or service only to find out that it just isn’t for you. Conference Calling offers a free 14-day trial where you can try any one of their plans as much as you like to see if Conference Calling is right for you and your business.

Choose a plan and start your free trial today.

Disclaimer: I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine