6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

To tell you the truth, there are only a few proven ways of making a fortune through entrepreneurship and mind you, real estate entrepreneurship is one of those. It is highly rewarding if you know how to handle the business. This goes without saying that real estate business has its challenges and risks too. So it is crucial for you to understand your business and more importantly, figure out what your house is worth before you sell them.

With proper implementation and necessary improvisation of particular marketing tactics, you can make a significant amount of profit from your real estate entrepreneurship. But what are these ideas?

Real estate marketing

1. Building an Extraordinary Website

Foundation to a good business is a great website. A recent study conducted by Google and Loopnet has revealed about 80% of the investors and tenants look for real estate on the internet. It is a must to have a well-built website containing necessary information, pictures or videos of the properties you intend to sell.

Firstly, your website needs to be easy to navigate; a congested and confusing website will get visitors distracted. So construct a website which is user-friendly and gives them a good experience.

Secondly, it is a win-win to optimize your website for mobile phone browsing; given that 59% of people want to browse real estate from mobile phones and many real estate companies do not provide that opportunity.

Thirdly, always keep your website updated and keep the users engaged with information on new deals.

2. Getting on Zillow

Founded in 2006, Zillow is the online database which offers users with data and knowledge. Having over 130 million monthly visitors and generating 48% of the traffic, Zillow is one of the best shots at getting you an online recognition.

To get the fastest way of generating leads for your real estate, you can use their Zillow Premier Agent service to become an agent and post for yourself. Through Zillow, you can target and successfully connect with the local buyers and sellers in your area. Though it might cost you some, but Zillow will get you buyers guaranteed!

Social media marketing megaphone

3. Social Media Marketing

Starting from Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest, Instagram or Linkedin, you can use each and every social media portal for marketing your business. It is best if you interconnect all the social media accounts; marketing activities and content are pretty much same for all of them.

First of all, post about the neighborhood of your listings and attractive features of the area, lifestyle of people residing there etc. Demonstrate why the offer is lucrative and paint a picture of how their life will be post-purchase.

Secondly, engage your followers through contests and small rewards, it gets them excited and makes you reliable to them.

Thirdly, give them your home décor tips; tell them about your own lifestyle – it creates a buyer-seller bond.

Fourthly, use hash tags as an excellent way to boost your promotion. And lastly, use geo-targeted ad-ons on Facebook, which helps you attract buyers from your target areas.

4. Offline Marketing

Offline marketing for real estate is still an integral part of the business process and it should never be any less important.

First of all, organize a broker event since organizing these events will give you an advantage of meeting people in person and popularize your real estate.

Secondly, always attend professional events or executive meetings; this will confirm your place at the real estate world.

Thirdly, engage yourself with local organizations or charity work; it is self-satisfying and provides good recognition. Most of all, maintain relationships with past clients, big professionals and organizations to get good referrals, which is tremendously important in real estate business.

Scenic houses for sale

5. Emotional Storytelling with Great Pictures

It is innate in people to value stories. If you cannot tell a capturing story, your property is not going to sell. You have to come in contact with the sensitivity of human emotion through your story; most businesses become successful through storytelling. So feed the buyers with good stories, do not lie to them, simply dish out true incidents behind everything and represent it like a story taken out of your life.

One of the best ways of storytelling is to provide visual demonstrations with it – hire professional photographers, put-up quality pictures of the associated property and work your magic!

6. Sending Newsletters

Currently, email is one of the strongest communicative tools used for outreach. Sending out newsletters allow you to stay in touch and build a relationship with prospective clients through disseminating info on new property, upcoming open houses, events or seminars.

You can collect the email addresses from your website, social media or you can just ask visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Doing this regularly will get you more and more buyers.


The tactics described above are the basic steps for you to promote your real estate entrepreneurship. Start with executing these well, hopefully you are going to see the best days ahead for your business. Never stop exploring your options when it comes to marketing your entrepreneurship. Integrity is quality to reach the peak of success.