How to Create a Company Culture Like Google’s

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to get a job at a company like Google? It’s because operations like theirs foster a company culture that is so supportive and positive that few people ever leave. Here’s how you can create a Google-esque company culture to help your business better achieve its goals.

The office

Google office in Chicago
photo credit: Marcin Wichary / Flickr

Google begins to impress their company culture on you from the moment you walk in the door. Less an office and more a productive playground, Google’s workspaces encourage creativity in their employees and they are a more productive and happy bunch as a result. A workspace like this can have a similar effect on your company, and there are plenty of organisations like Total Fitouts in Brisbane or other workplace designers in Australia specialise in precisely this kind of commercial fitout.

The vibe

How does it feel to walk into your office? Does it feel studious or electric? Is it lit with fluorescent or natural light? Does it feel like a library, people hunched over computers working quietly? Is there music being piped in? These are all factors that contribute to a good workplace vibe and Google have mastered it: Colourful feature walls, lots of personal touches and accoutrements, quiet areas for those who prefer the studious approach, open areas for those who prefer collaboration and idea exchange, and audio systems that allow for different music in every room. How will you go about setting the vibe?

The perks

Healthy breakfast at Google cafetaria
Breakfast at a Google cafetaria – photo credit: Mark Jensen / Flickr

Google’s staff enjoy a great number of perks in addition to their luxurious offices. Endless healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks are available to staff for free. Gyms and fitness classes are also provided at no cost to staff members. They also receive access to all of Google’s upcoming products early. The whole place is pet friendly so you can even bring your dog to work!

The perks of the job are a significant factor in employee retention, so making sure you have a few pleasant bonuses to offer your staff is important.

The balance

A good work/life balance is core to Google’s company ethos, as it should be core to yours. Office challenges, staff getaways, outdoor activities like picnics or volleyball, even just doing something silly like an Ugly Jumper Day and organising a photographer can do wonders for team morale. It allows your staff to spend time together without being focussed on work and it lets them return to work feeling refreshed and ready.

The work

Google Office in Zurich
Google Zurich – photo credit: Andrewarchy / Flickr

The reason one goes about creating a company culture like Google’s is to get the very best out of their staff. Happy staff are productive staff, especially if the job is time-consuming or mind-numbing. When your company has so many plates spinning at once, employee productivity is vital. The people that work the hardest are the ones that love their job. This is key to creating a Google-esque company culture — make your staff bound out of bed in the morning, excited to get started.


These are just a few of the ways you can follow Google’s example to create an amazing company culture of your own. Scale and budget may vary, but the purpose of such a culture remains that same. Staff that love coming to work will always work harder and longer than those who dread going back.