Purchase Premium SEO Leads – Without Using a Broker

Whether you’ve been in the SEO services industry for five minutes of five years, you know that the quality of your leads, or potential future clients or customers, determines your success as a business.

It’s time to stop spending your resources tracking down dead leads. If your leads aren’t converting the way you want them to, don’t compromise your services or lower your prices to attract more customers.

There are lists of premium and verified leads out there without having to use a lead broker – you just need to know where to look.

Acquiring qualified SEO leads

Why Purchase Leads

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to leads. So rather than spend more time tracking down hundreds or even thousands of dead leads, it can be beneficial to find a boutique SEO or digital marketing agency who have more targeted leads. What’s great about this method is that agencies have already done the legwork for you.

In fact, many of these agencies have verified leads that they can’t or don’t use due to a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’ve grown enough as a business and can’t take on any more work, or the services they provide simply isn’t what those leads needed. In any case, they’re leads that aren’t being used or sold to.

Imagine being handed a list of businesses in your target industry that you already know have an interest in your products or services. There’s no more cold emails or cold calls. Your time spent with your lead isn’t wasted. Purchasing SEO leads can eliminate frustration and turn a profit.

Turning leads into profits


Investing in verified leads can save you time and money in the long run. Buy SEO Leads is a boutique agency that sells their overflow of verified leads to businesses just like yours.

If you have purchased leads from lead brokers in the past and it hasn’t quite worked out, you should understand that not all leads meet the strict criteria they require. Here’s what sets them apart from other agencies:

1. They verify EVERY lead

Stop mourning dead leads. Now you can feel what it’s like to have someone answer the phone when you call. Don’t worry about having an email bounce back because an address no longer exists. Each lead that you purchase has been personally verified by an employee of the company.

2. The Lead is Already Educated

We’ve all dealt with a lead that we thought understood our services, but in the end had no idea what we did. When we have to over explain exactly what we do as a company, a lead can lose interest quickly. However, every lead that Buy SEO Leads offers has already taken part in a 30-minute consult. They are not only educated about what Search Engine Optimization is and what it can do for their business, they’re interested! They have also been consulted about the average cost of SEO services, so there is no sticker shock when you tell them.

3. All Leads Need Your Services

Have you ever cold called a lead only to find out that they didn’t even need you? When a lead has no need for your services, even a second spent trying to contact them is time wasted. Buy SEO Leads has personally verified that their lists are actually in need of your services, no matter which industry they’re in.

4. Respected and Recommended

When it comes to purchasing leads, there are a dozen negative experiences for every successful one. That’s because the internet is filled with mediocre companies and brokers who sell lists of assumed leads. There’s no substance to their information and no real technique in their collection process. However, this company has been rated #1 in its industry by Topseos.com. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best, simply because you’re working with the best.

Business people closing sales

Top Benefits of Purchasing Leads

There’s plenty to benefits to purchasing high quality, verified leads from Buyseoleads.com.

1. Save Time

If you gather leads yourself, imagine the free time that you’ll gain by purchasing them instead. If you have an employee or a sales team that works on gathering leads, you will now be able to free their time to work on other projects.

2. Save Money

You can also save money by purchasing leads. First, if you currently employ an assistant to gather leads, you can reconstruct job duties throughout your staff and save on payroll costs. If you currently do a lot of marketing to gather leads, you can slow down or rebrand your marketing technique to focus on repeat work with great clients.

3. Change the Momentum

Failed lead after failed lead can be discouraging, no matter how confident a salesperson is. When projects begin to dwindle, employees can become discouraged. Even if you’re a one-man operation, being rejected all day can be trying. But when leads convert on a regular basis and everyone has more than their fair share of work, the environment becomes not just pleasant but more productive and more profitable.

If you’re tired of dead-end leads, it’s time to consider a change. When you buy SEO leads, you’re giving your business a bump in the right direction, seeing more conversions, and growing your digital company.