5 Essential SEO Strategies You’ll Need to Incorporate in 2017

It’s important to look to the future when it comes to running a website. Things change so quickly. New advancements are made. Trends change. Customers interests change. While you may think you have your SEO sorted, that’s all going to change too.

Like everything else online, SEO changes and evolves to meet the needs of internet users. Don’t get left behind. The big question is: How?

SEO trends for 2017

Mobile Optimisation

Every year, more and more people are using their mobile phones to view web pages. We read on our phones, watch videos, browse the web and even shop. In a fast-moving world, people love being able to do everything on the go.

With its growing popularity, more than ever you need to make sure your website is completely mobile optimised or responsive. Not only should it be totally functional on a small screen, it should also be fast loading and look amazing. You shouldn’t lose any usability between devices.

Responsive design example

Some simple tips to help improve your mobile quality include avoiding flash player and any pop up adverts.

You might also want to consider developing an app, especially if you run an e-commerce store. Apps are great fun, easy to use and could compliment your website well.


YouTube is now an enormous search engine. If we want to find out how to do something, we turn to YouTube as a fast way of finding out. Consider putting videos on your site. Even better, consider doing video blogging and post it on YouTube. If you decide to use a YouTube page, always make sure to link back to your website.

Vloggers – popularly known as Youtubers if they use YouTube as the platform of choice – are on the rise, and you can mimic what they are doing for your business’ benefit.  Of course, you should also stick to the ‘regulars’ – e.g. promotional videos and how-to-guide videos.

Not only video publishing platform like YouTube, but you should also tap into the power of live streaming.  Using tools like Snapchat, you can document everything related to your business and share your ‘snaps’ with your followers, including those on video publishing platforms.  This ‘hybrid’ tactic is proven to be effective.

Voice Search

Siri and Cortana, now they are past initial bugs and people are getting used to the idea, are actually being used. Voice search is currently the fastest growing type of search. This is sure to continue into 2017.

Generally, people don’t speak as they type. We’re more likely to ask direct questions when using a voice search, and search engines are having to adapt to this. To make your site friendlier for voice searches you should use long tail keywords and make sure you use lots of microdata. Try to think about what people might ask a search engine (how to’s, directions, prices, etc.), and with that in mind, consider adding an FAQ page to your site to answer all these questions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence still sounds a bit far-fetched and like science fiction. It’s not.

AI trends in startup world
image credit: CBInsights/Bloomberg

Forms of artificial intelligence are all over the internet. When a site recommends something based on what you’ve viewed previously, that’s A.I. When your spam filter decides which emails to send you, A.I.  SEO-wise, now there is Google’s RankBrain, an algorithm that’s already disrupting SEO.  Due to the changes,  keywords are becoming less important, rich snippets and microdata more so.


Quality content will always be the number one way to grow your traffic and please search engines. This is as true in 2017 as it has ever been. Read about SEO, modernise where you can to keep up with changing trends. But above all, make a great website, full of engaging and informative content.


2017 is looking like it’s going to be an exciting year in terms of technology and advancements. With more people than ever starting their own websites and online businesses, Bing Digital can help you make yours one of the best.