Getting Ahead: 6 Ways to Increase your Productivity

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Feeling Like You Aren’t Getting Ahead? Learn These Six Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity

Do you go into the office every day and feel like you just can’t get everything done? Are you looking for new ways to get more and better quality work completed throughout the week? Do you feel like you are stressed out and your quality of life at the office is sinking?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read on to learn our six easy ways you can keep your sanity and increase your work productivity one day at a time. All it takes is trying out each of these tips once to get them into your work flow. Over time, you’ll build a better working life that you not only can enjoy but that you’ll be proud of in the long run.

Way #1: Get Some Sleep

Truly, if you’re tired in the morning, you’re not going to suddenly be energized. Instead, make sure you’re getting enough sleep for you.

Everyone requires a different amount of sleep, and so know your body and the amount of time you need to fall into that deep REM sleep. If you can’t sleep the full amount you need each night, consider taking a 15-minute power nap during lunch. Go home or into a private study room in your office. Finally, go to bed early. You night owls need to force yourself to do this! You need the mental alertness at work to be productive that only sleep can provide.

Way #2: Usher Creativity with Disruption

We’re not talking about email disruption. We’re talking about breaks. When you take a break, you’re allowing your mind the free space to think in a different way. Practice taking a few breaks throughout the day to walk around outside or to eat lunch. You’ll come back to your work more energized to think creatively.

Way #3: Reward Yourself

When you set small, manageable goals for your day, make sure you reward yourself. This can be as simple as giving yourself permission to take a break or check your personal email.

Choose something motivating that will push you as an incentive for completing your work. Test this out against your small and big goals, increasing the incentive based upon the gravity of the project. You’ll not only feel empowered and accomplished, but you’ll feel so good about yourself. This is a natural way to boost your productivity project by project.

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Way #4: Remember That Old Adage

“Dress to impress” is never more relevant to your productivity than now. When you put effort into your working outfit, whether it be to wear a classy business suit or just coordinate something that looks casual but professional, you’ll not only feel more confident and empowered but you’ll take your job more seriously and begin to live up to your duties even more. Take pride in your dress and let that inform your work.

If you’re running out of time in the morning, take a small break to freshen up your make-up or to do your hair in the bathroom. Add in whatever way to your professional look to boost your self-confidence and the way your colleagues see you in the workplace.

Way #5: Check Email at Specific Times

One of the biggest time-suckers in the office is email. It interrupts your work flow and makes you less productive. Instead of answering email in a piecemeal way, try to designate certain times of the day to go through it. Maybe you start with an hour of putting out fires in the morning, circle back to it for an hour after lunch and check it an hour before you leave.

Way #6: Mitigate Meeting Requests

Beyond email, we can bet meetings are another huge time-consumer for you that keep you from getting your projects done. There’s an easy way to stop this: Just start saying “no” to them! It’s not always easy to do because your expertise may be in high demand — and there are meetings you do need to be at. But whenever possible, try to find out the seriousness of the meeting and if it really is necessary for you to be there.

Can you consult with a colleague before or after to give your input? Can send along your reflections ahead of the meeting for others to discuss? You don’t want to make yourself inaccessible, but you also have to protect your time for the most important duties and projects at hand.

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In conclusion, you’ve got another working day tomorrow — so get started with these six easy tips for increasing your productivity. Try one out each day until you’ve cycled through them all. Find what works for your productivity sweet spot and start enjoying your working life again.

Not all of these tips will fit for you — but so many of them will — and some of them will feel so natural to you that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do them before. This really is an experiment on the road to increasing your productivity and your happiness at work. You truly can have both with a little practice and willingness to form some new habits.

The beauty of being more productive using these healthy tips is that you’ll be happier at work, too. And that good news for your mental health and your career retention over time.