Invoice Home: Every SME’s Answer to Hassle-Free Online Billing?

I recently had a chance to try out Invoice Home and their free online invoicing service. As you’ll soon learn, I was definitely blown away. Blown away with the quality selection of invoice templates available, and definitely blown away by the value added services they offer.

Small business invoicing

What Invoice Home offers their clients

In a nutshell, freelancers and SME’s are free to choose from hundreds of invoices and invoicing related templates, and to deploy them using various web or cloud-based platforms, or even to download the templates in PDF form to send via letter mail.

One of the things that really hit home for me about Invoice Home is just how robust their free offering is compared to their competitors.

Even if you don’t need to use the $5/month upgrade option for sending more than the combined balance of $1000 per month, all the invoices you create and send are logged in your online account, numbered for record-keeping purposes, and you can even download your invoicing reports to a PDF or Excel file.

Payment links are also provided on the invoices and can be tracked through your Invoice Home online account when using Paypal,, or Stripe payment gateways.

Invoice template sample

Here’s a rundown of all the value-added features offered by Invoice Home on their platform:

  • Hundreds of free templates, in a variety of designs.
  • Intuitive and speedy online interface.
  • Download invoices as PDFs for printing, or send right away via Email.
  • Ability to copy previous invoices for speedy invoicing.
  • Auto numbering of invoices, and free invoicing reports available for viewing or downloading as PDF or Excel.
  • Paid and unpaid invoices are tracked when using supported payment gateway.
  • Use your own logo, or one of hundreds offered by Invoice Home.
  • No “Invoice Home” branding for your clients to see on finished invoices.
  • Online payments with PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net
  • Variable tax input offered.
  • Over 150 currency symbols can be used.
  • Account upgrades available for those sending more than the combined balance of $1000 per month

Did I mention they offer this service for free up to the combined balance of $1000 per month?

This is what appealed to me as someone who runs multiple online businesses on tight budgets. I don’t like paying for services until I’ve had a chance to properly vet their usefulness in a variety of different situations.

And, let’s be honest: There’s nothing like sending a client a perfectly formatted, professionally done invoice to show that you take your business seriously! They also offer other premade templates that are useful for service businesses of all kinds.

Invoice Home currently offers over 100 invoices to choose from, making them competitive with many of the so-called “high end” web apps who charge high monthly fees.

Here are some of Invoice Home’s invoicing templates you’ll find on the site for free use (up to the combined balance of $1000/month) or unlimited use ($5/month):

  • Regular invoices
  • Tax invoices
  • Proforma invoices
  • Sales receipts
  • Estimates
  • Credit memos
  • Credit notes
  • Purchase orders

Invoice template samples

What I really liked about this service is the choice between sending out invoices via email, SaaS, other web services, or downloading as a PDF and printing physically from an office printer. And, the ability not just to add my own personalized logos to the invoices I send out, but also the option to choose from one of hundreds of logos they offer free of charge (great for soft launching new products or services!)

The fact that each invoice is 100% customizable makes it a no brainer when the time comes to choose between this and other online invoicing services.

Freelancers rejoice!

Many freelancers, particularly those who’re just getting started and don’t yet have the budget for expensive software services and tools, will love Invoice Home’s simple and intuitive interface for creating estimates, invoices, reminders, receipts – and managing their invoices anywhere from the cloud! Freelancers and SME’s often get the short end when it comes to finding affordable solutions to running their business with professionalism.

Unlike their competitors, Invoice Home doesn’t include any of their own branding on the invoices you send. In the past, this has been a real problem for freelancers when using free invoicing tools. In order to remove the free “advertising” for these companies, you’re expected to pay a fee.

The only fee the company charges for is if you plan to send out more than 1000 invoices monthly. They charge a flat monthly fee of just $5 for this privilege, which is very reasonable considering the ROI for a company sending out so many invoices in such a short time.

Should you use Invoice Home for your business?

It’s hard to find a reason not to use this invoice creation and management service, particularly if you’re running an online or brick-and-mortar SME and you need affordable solutions for your invoicing needs.

This goes double for freelancers who don’t want to purchase invoicing software or pay unreasonable monthly fees for a service, when they only send out a limited number of invoices to clients every month.

Invoice Home offers just as many, if not more professional invoicing templates on their platform as their closest competitors do. The ability to include your own logo (or use one of theirs), and the lack of Invoice Home branding cluttering the invoices you send to clients makes them the obvious option for SME’s and freelancers alike.

There are no hidden fees and no obligations to keep using them if you decide they’re not for you. Sign up is a breeze; just enter your email, or sign in using one of your social ID’s and you’re all set – no password required.

If you’re interested in checking out this amazing service, head over to right now and give them a shot.