4 Businesses You Could Never Start a Decade Ago

The last decade has been an impressive one for the tech industry, with a whole new range of business start-ups possible today. While we’re always innovated, improved and advanced as a species, the last ten years has been a remarkable one for the world of business. Ideas that we once reserved for cartoons are becoming more and more likely as each day passes, as we move towards a more advanced future.

So, with that in mind, what kind of businesses exist today that you simply would not have had access to beforehand? What can you do today that was not possible in 2007?

1. Virtual Reality

Wearing Virtual Reality (VR) goggles

Any form of VR was, a decade ago, a pipe dream. It was an idea that we thought would be way, way down the line. Now we are producing VR video games and headsets as if they were nothing! This is a business enterprise that is exploding at present.

People are loving being able to turn to the world of VR and play video games and take part in interesting activities that simple would not have been possible in years gone by. VR is here to stay, and you could be running a profitable VR café!

2. App Development

Uber smartphone app

The mobile app marketplace only came into effect in 2008, but since then it has exploded. A decade ago, though, you would have been seen as crazy if you tried to push the idea of mobile apps in a big way. Now? We’re playing classic video games that used to cost $50 on our mobile devices, or running full-power operational software such as MS Word from our tablets.

App development has changed the entire face of technology, without a doubt. It’s an industry that has exploded, and now offers some of the most viable employment opportunities on the planet.

3. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing

Much like app development, the idea of a mobile-based internet world was quite a fanciful idea a decade ago, too. Smartphones were not long on the market and their sheer expensive meant it seemed off to imagine it would be catered for. Now, the internet takes as much stock – perhaps more – from mobile devices as it does from desktop devices. Therefore, many businesses are making huge sums of money by working within the mobile industry.

Today, it’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing in the world!

4. Cannabis

photo credit: https://wendymccormick.com/

The US in particular has led the way in the last decade in the changing of how medical cannabis is viewed. Now, a decade later, more than half of US states have made medical marijuana a legal entity, with dispensaries and the like becoming increasingly common. This would have been unthinkable in the past, but a more liberal way of thinking with regards to drugs has helped to transform what has long been one of the most vocally fought for medical supplements in the western world. In the last decade, it’s become a hugely profitable – legal – industry. There are also many jobs that aren’t related to growing or selling the product, such as Green Growth CPAs that can help guide you with the start up cost for hemp farm.


There are many business opportunities that were unthinkable a decade ago, and there will be more businesses in the future that reward pioneers and visionaries.  Your job as an entrepreneur is to identify the trends that will lead you to massive success.

Stay humble, be open minded and keep on hustlin’.